Thursday, January 22, 2009

In which I drive all non-knitters away forever

Listen, I did mention I was a bit all-or-nothing-ish, yes? Someday soon my mother will leave the hospital (if by soon you mean "sometime maybe possibly, could be weeks, could be months, won't be days) and I will get an emotional grip and I will to back to writing a novel, if the people in it are even speaking to me by now, and the flow of Pictures of Knitwear will stop.

(Joanna, frogging is ripping it out - no clue where that came from)

Right then.

I finished a sock. I wasn't going to post pictures because a) how many of you actually care? and b) oh for heaven's sake, AP, it's a sock. Plenty of people have knit socks. However, I love it so much that it has to be here. B has tried it on and is pretty sure it fits him and he should have it. A has not tried it on but is pretty sure it fits and she should have it. A has that reaction to everything I have knit, with the possible exception of a dishcloth or two. I have taken to calling her a wool pig, which she cheerfully agrees with. (I sold a hat* to a friend the other day - a hat exactly like a hat A has already claimed, just a different colour, and A shook her head sadly. "There goes another one of my new favourites.")

Not that you care about this. Or the sock, but here's a picture of it.

Either I am going to have to figure out how to do something called "kitchener stitch" or I am going to have to go shoeless for the rest of my life. And buy another set of dpn's (double pointed needles) so I can make the other sock.

Also, I engaged in some more dog torture. But I needed the dog so I could show you how good this scarf looks with my black jacket. Because a dog and a jacket are exactly the same thing.

If you made it this far, or are simply scanning the entry looking for the word "mother", I'm not going to tell you how she is, because you know how right after you tell people the baby is sleeping through the night or your three year old seems to be in a sweet phase or it's been simply years since you had a car accident, you're up all night rocking your baby while your three year old throws toys at you and your husband wants to know where the running board from the passenger side of the van went?

I ain't jinxin' nothin', folks. Please continue to pray for no major complications, and that she would remain infection free. I haven't been up to see her for two full days because one of my children had a fever, and I was not willing to risk carrying anything to her.

*if by "sold", you mean "gave it to her for less than the cost of the wool"


QOTW said...

I really enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. Thanks for writing it.

Kay Day said...

I pay more than the cost of wool.

Also, that sock looks more comfortable than I imagined, except for the needly things.

I love scarves. Just sayin.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

You have a very cute dog and he looks very good in that scarf. Watch out--the dog may be fighting for knitted things soon too... :)

jbondsgirl said...

I would like to request a pair of socks please, in a nice springy green. Thank you!

Also, you are the fastest knitter I know.

Also, I am still praying for all of you.


Trish said...

Oooh ooh, I love the sock! Can I have a pink one? Preferrably 2 of them, one for each foot! lol Seriously though, we're all praying for Mom, and for all of you to make it through this!


Joanna Mallory said...

Praying, Sue (and admiring that sock!)

WCOBBS said...

Congratulations on your first kitchener!

WCOBBS said...
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