Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi. Where were we?

All over the map, is the answer, and that's what this post will be.

- Reading to Mom on Thursday, I noticed that she kept closing her eyes. I kept asking her if she was falling asleep, and now and then I'd throw in a few nonsense lines like "and then the dolphin jumped up and bit him!" just so her eyes would fly open and she would ask "Where did the dolphin come from???" After a few too many questions about closed eyes, she grinned impishly at me and said "I'm just practicing for being dead."

If that made you laugh out loud? you and me both.

Also, I'm pleased to report that all that practicing did her no good, because she aten't dead. (Pratchett fans - how DOES Granny spell that?)

- I knit a whole hat as my brother, my nephew and I sat around waiting for Mom to be taken to surgery. My 20 year old nephew claimed it as his own, to my great delight, and A's great consternation. She needn't worry - I know where to find more yarn.

- I also knit an entire scarf while waiting for the surgeon to come and tell us how things went. Every hour or so, I would think "If she weren't still breathing, they would come and tell us."

- Enough about Friday. Specific prayer requests for Mom at the moment are may she please not throw up and dislodge any stitches. Please pleaseplease.

- The dog is pretty sure she's been kicked out of my pack, seeing as how I never let her come along on car rides any more, and I'm never home. She's a bit bewildered by it all, and is very happy when I happen to look in her direction, because that gives her hope that all is not lost.

- The dog is also carrying her food, piece by tiny piece, into the living room to eat, at the moment. Why she is doing this, I cannot say. Being kicked out of my pack is addling her brain.

- I am knitting a sock. This pleases me more than I suspect it should. I have time for four more rows before bed.


ccap said...

The thing is, hey, I can think of at least three people (2 quite small) in this house who would HAPPILY receive a stress scarf or hat or mitts...

I'm just sayin'.

Karen said...

So glad to hear that things with your mom are progressing and that her practicing was for naught!

Kay Day said...

glad all is going well.
I'm not sure a knit sock would really be that comfortable?? I'm delicate, though.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

I saw another dog who would carry each dog food kibble to the living room, eat it, go back and get another... strange. With the way this winter was (-30*C), knit socks sound great!

Kay Day said...

When I was a kid, our dog would always eat that way. She'd bring in about 3 kibbles, eat them, then go back for more.
Our current dog does that when it's been a particularly traumatic day.