Wednesday, December 03, 2008

why is it ...

that I have no 4.5 mm or 5 mm knitting needles that are not double pointed? I do not remember excessive double-pointed needle knitting in my passionate-for-knitting past, and yet there is a vast array of dpn's in various sizes.

I do, however, remember many many long hours knitting on straight needles, and yet there seem to be fewer of those. Have they retired?

I do not know, and you, the reader, do not care, so I shall change the subject. The Yarn Shop opens in 11 hours - I'll be fine.

In other news, I am FREEZING. (not literally) It's not even very cold here yet - -9 C. Hardly even winter, and yet I have been unable to stop shivering today. Luckily I had a lovely new scarf to shiver into - oh wait, that's talking about knitting again.

Took my Mom to watch A wrestle today - she lost her first match, and was a bit bummed because she hasn't lost a match all season, but came out with her head totally in the game for her second match, and totally dominated a girl who is actually a much better wrestler than the one she lost to. I love watching her wrestle. She just so FOCUSSED.

Also I have decided to stop buying dog food for my dog - she doesn't eat it anyway unless I disguise it with table scraps. Any advice from all the hundreds of dog owners that read this blog?

okay I have to go to hide beneath 29 layers of blankets. I'm not coming out until ....until ...oh wait, until the Yarn Shop opens tomorrow.

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