Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So you know how it is. You blog for thirty days straight and bore yourself stupid and then you start to knit like a crazed person and somehow days go by and nothing seems interesting enough to post. "I was in a Bad Place and now it's good." Yawn. "The dog won't pee because the snow is too deep and the sidewalk doesn't smell right?" Probably said that last year. "I knit another thing?" No freaking kidding.

But then maybe you and your husband and your hockey-obsessed son run into Kelly Hrudey in the mall, and the three of you finally decide you're brave enough to say something to him, because he is, after all, human ;) and maybe Kelly smiles like you're his best friends and shakes your 9 year old son's hand and looks him straight in the eye and asks him how long he's been playing hockey and how old he is and how school's going. And maybe your son is just about speechless with delight, and you and your husband can't stop grinning at each other over his head, and when you say "Thank you" as you're walking away, you mean it with all your heart.

And maybe five minutes later, when your husband reaches down to take your son's hand, he pulls back and cradles The Hand Kelly Shook protectively and says "I don't want you to touch this hand right now."

So then you want to blog it, and you want to say, Thank you, Kelly, for taking time to treat my son like a VIP. That glove he was wearing when you shook his hand? He's sleeping with it.

And you have a really great smile.


darien said...

What a fabulous story! I'm so delighted for him!

ccap said...

Goodness, that actually made me tear up and get goosebumps. How lovely.

Heather said...

Aw. I don't even know who Kelly is and I'm a little choked up.

Anonymous said...

...those are the small joys that make life great!! ...Bonnie

QOTW said...

That was a wonderful incident. And you make it so interesting by the way you write.

jbondsgirl said...

Oh, how wonderful! That should happen to every boy at least once in his lifetime, at least!