Thursday, December 11, 2008

have to write this down or I'll forget and have to negotiate the learning curve all over again


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee had the following directions for a hat on her blog:

(Pattern mine. 2x2 rib over 100 stitches for a long time. Decrease. Stop knitting.)

As I was knitting a 2X2 rib scarf at the time, I thought "Hey, I could do that!"

So I did, but I had to make up some specifics. You may want to come back tomorrow, if you're not into knitting.

(Beehive Shetland Chunky, 8.0 mm needles.)

Cast on 72 74 stitches. (Now that I'm done sewing up it occurs me to that having an uneven number of repeats might have made that whole process easier.) Rib, rib, rib, (k2 p2) until one whole 50g ball is gone. Hold the rectangle up to your head repeatedly. Tell yourself this is "trying it on."

Lay the rectangle on your dog and take a picture.

Take a whole lot more pictures of the dog lying patiently under knitted stuff, hoping this means you are planning to rub her belly soon. (if you're trying this at home, you could omit this step.)

Get another 50 g ball and rib some more. Too deep is better than not deep enough.

"Rib some more" appears to mean "remember that you read somewhere that a hat should be the depth of your hand from the base of your palm to the end of your index finger. (try it - it worked for me! palm on my ear, index finger touching the top of the center of my head.)

Spend half an hour trying to find the part where you read that. It was on the Internet somewhere, but the Internet is a biggish place.

Give right up and rib two rows and measure it that way anyway and then decide that the bit you've allowed for turning up at the brim is deep enough, and start to decrease.

Decrease as follows, maybe.

Knit 6, K 2tog, *k5 k 2tog till you have 8 stitches left, k6 k2tog.

Okay wait, I'm ribbing. Let's try Rib 6, P 2 tog, Rib 5 ...argh. Okay I did this:

Rib 6, P2tog all across row, ends with Rib 6.(61 sts on needles) Crap. 62 63 sts on needle, I knit 2tog on that last row where I shouldn't have. (also p2 tog where I shouldn't) (Also who knows how many stitches cause I added 2 at the beginning. So there may be 2 more here, or one more. 60-ish stitches on the needle.)
Now I'm ribbing one row 2X2 or 2X1, whatever needs doing at the time, I can stop panicking. (rib 4, k1, *rib 6, knit 1 to end.)

Okay had time to think.

Next row: Knit all the knits, purl all the purls BUT purl 2tog every time you see 2 purl sts instead of one.

so k2, p2tog, k2, p1 ... ARGH. Go get a coffee, I'm tinking. And bring me one, I'm not standing up until this is cast off. okay that row is right, you should end on a p2tog. 54 st on (my) needle.

Rib one row K1 P2, ending with a P2.

Enough pussy footing around. K2tog P1 across row. 36 st on needle (theoretically)

Seriously. I'm so done. K2 tog all across row. (well okay I did K2tog P2tog all across but I don't think it much matters) 18 st on needle.

Smush it together on the needles and "try it on." (seriously? I'm not frogging it at this point. What am I thinking here?) (NB: you must remove the glasses from the top of your head before you try this.)

Right then. Draw the wool through the last 18 stitches, pull super tight (don't break the yarn. I didn't, but wow, do I feel lucky). Cut yarn, leaving a long tail, and sew the seam.

This could totally be done on dpn's but I haven't added that learning curve to my To Do list yet. (Socks. When I get to socks. I may knit a sock for someone very big, to start out with.)

Remember the part where if you're going to turn up the brim, you should reverse the seam for the last few inches so it doesn't show. I'd suggest NOT forgetting that, ripping out the seam and resewing it exactly the way you just ripped out, btw. It's annoying, when all you really want to do is snip that last thread and put that puppy on.

On the puppy, that is.


Karen said...

I am very impressed...

Impressed with your knitting

Impressed with a puppy that would lay still long enough to model

and impressed you were correct with your Christmas prediction for me!

Kay Day said...

Nice hat. Cute dog. I don't understand a word you said, but nice hat.