Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Loved About "Healing Waters", by Nancy Rue

(and Steve Arterburn, but the title of this post was getting a bit lengthy. My apologies)

This book is the second in a series of three centered around a Christian (psychologist? psychiatrist?), Sullivan Crisp. He has his own journey to navigate, but each book also features someone that he is counselling at the same time as he is dealing with his own issues.

The first book, Healing Stones, is about a married Christian professor who has an affair with a colleague at the Christian college they both work at, and it is one of the most necessary reads in the Christian fiction world. Even if you're not much into fiction.

The second book centers around a sharply intelligent woman named Lucia who also happens to be profoundly overweight. Lucia's self-image and eating issues are handled well, without diving into stereotype, and the plot has everything - a bit of mystery, strong characters that are easily identifiable, and two of the most engaging children I've read, recently. I cared about Lucia, and even the woman who seemed to be her antagonist, Sonia, but really ...oh, read the book. Even though my particular issues around food are different from hers, I understood Lucia. Many times I nodded in recognition. I loved her relationship with her niece, Bethany, and wow, did I want her to give herself a break.

Nancy's prose is adept - good reading from a purely literary viewpoint as well (eg "Silence sucked all the air from the room." Throw in a plane crash and a stalker, and this was one great read. I'm still thinking about it days later.

Can't wait for number 3!

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Anonymous said... because I totally trust your judgement in terms of "good reads" ... I just bought these two books ... my Christmas reading (similar to Christmas knitting ...) ....... I know I'll enjoy them! ... BJ