Thursday, November 27, 2008

Totally still writing a book's just that it's Christmas in a month, and I am suffering from a recurring illness, one that has not plagued me for a long long time ...

TechnoBoy's Family - remember the Christmas Knitting? (I'll allow you a moment to cringe)

I tend to get a bit ...all or nothing ...about things. Case in point: when I decided that I wanted to learn how to crochet, I decided to start with something easy - a full-sized afghan. So in the past, the Christmas Knitting has been an illness to be feared. The last year I had a Christmas Knitting phase, I made TechnoBoy park a mile away from his parents house for an hour while I finished the neckline of a sweater because I was NOT going to spend my entire Christmas visit holed up in a back bedroom knitting feverishly.

I am being more restrained this time. I have wool for one hat, one tube-y thingy that some places call a cowl and some places call a wimple, and the lady at the yarn store didn't think anyone would need a pattern for (what could go wrong there?), and three scarves. None of this is for anyone who reads this blog.

The only potential issue is I love the hat so much I don't think I'm giving it away. Not that I wear hats. But this one is so sweet I just might. (It just looks like a hat. It's the texture that is wooing me)

Also I am possibly staying up far too late knitting just for fun.

But it's good. It feels good to do something well, I love the texture I'm currently knitting with, it slides beautifully on the needles. I can barely tear myself away from it, it feels so good.

And it's calling me now.

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Heather said...

Don't you have a sister-in-law who needs a new scarf?