Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random unrelated points

* Does anyone know how I can get my laundry caught up? Because I am seriously at a loss.

* Small boys who call me Mr [my last name]? There is no such thing as too many of those.

* Wow, do I like seeing my Mom every day. If you knew me in the years before my dad died, this would surprise me. It surprises me. Regularly, and with a considerable amount of delight. I drive away from the nursing home having spent two hours there, amazed at how fast the time went, and sorry to be leaving so soon.

* I got a postcard in the mail today that read "Frontenac House has received your manuscript." (Contest entry consisting of a book length poetry manuscript.) I stared at it for a very long time. I actually did it. Created an entire poetry manuscript. Mailed it away with nine hours to spare.

* My dog is cute, and needs a haircut.

* My son is also cute, and has rather more hair than he needs.

* Lying awake until 4 in the morning thinking about how easy it would be to steal the identity of a 71 year old woman in a nursing home makes the next day very very difficult, especially when it starts with someone shaking your foot, asking if they can take a shower, at 6:50 am.

Why does the child ask permission to shower? I have never refused to allow it. I encourage it. I welcome it. It makes me happy. Also, why does the child arise a full hour before leaving the house, when this child is capable of showering, eating breakfast and packing a lunch in 20 minutes flat? Why must I be conscious for any of this?

* That team totally deserved to be booted last week. READ THE FREAKING CLUE already. Even just once per leg, if more often is too taxing.

* I need a nap. And then a really good book, like Nancy Rue's Healing Waters, which isn't released yet, but is going to be awesome. Or The Face, or those three books about Joseph by Angela Hunt.

* TechnoBoy just walked by, did a double take, and said "Nice dress." He can stay.

* It IS a nice dress. It's a summer dress but I'm wearing it anyway, because it's all wispy and floaty and makes me feel nice.

* My daughter is amazing. She's so amazing, in fact, that you have to come back tomorrow and find out why.

* Also, congratulations, family that faith built. May the weeks between now and your travel date fly right by.


Karen said...

If you figure out that laundry thing- please let me know the secret.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Heather said...

Congrats on the submission.

Laundry's got me stumped too. I thought I was caught up but Maddie ran out of pants this morning. Sigh.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Congrats on the poetry manuscript. :)

One load at a time. Darks. Lights. Heavies. Or something like that.

Now I want to find a summer dress just to wear for the heck of it. :)