Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not that I was tired or anything

Let me just amend yesterday's post:

Already wrote TODAY's but THEN Blogger ate it.

(Although The Blogger might make an interesting antagonist in a novel.)

I had an awesome dream last night, about a challenging roadblock for The Amazing Race that wasn't really very challenging at all, and was totally sedentary and seriously lame, and in my dream, I was comforted by the fact that it was all a dream, plus I could totally make fun of myself about it on my blog. And then when I got up this morning I was tickled that I had something to blog about.

Except I totally forget what the roadblock was. The title of the post was "If I Was In Charge of The Amazing Race", however.

Also I hate to bury this under the kind of twaddle I just typed, but if any of you like fantasy, or more specifically Christian fantasy, you should totally read ...

Come back tomorrow and find out.

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