Friday, November 28, 2008

Not a knitting blog

Knitting blogs are for people who knit feverishly, on the bus, at concerts, at movies, who go around the world with a half-knitted socks, taking pictures of it at national monuments and things. Also they call themselves things like "Yarn Harlot" and "Knitting Diva".

I'm just looking to do something with my hands while the people in my book are being silent and the subconsciously freaking out part of me wants me to go eat something. And then something else. Seriously - knitting is the best cure for stress eating. So far. No word on why I'm stressed. My subconscious isn't telling me that.

So here's how it's going:

I crocheted two rows into a dishcloth today when I remembered something important - I hate crocheting. So I ripped it out.

I knit a whole hat that I liked (a lot) and then when I went to sew it together I noticed that one side was a different shape from the other side, which is totally what the pattern told me to do, and I thought "well obviously this should have been knit in a circle" so I ripped it all out. (I am not a perfectionist, shut up.)

I have decided that I need to know how to knit socks.

I have spent half an hour searching for the fourth double pointed needle. Other people would have gone to bed. Or read a book. Or not ripped the hat out in the first place.

I have decided that "knitting" with ruffle tape is a) not knitting and b) more tedious than most other things I have had to endure in my life and c) looks amazing.

I have watched 30 minutes of instructional video on YouTube on "knitting in the round".

I have learned new words - "I-cord" (why won't mine close magically like Knitting Diva's indubitably does? Why?), "frogging", "tinking" and "colourways". (the last is a technicality - I've seen the word but don't know what it means.)

Oh oh oh and I have learned all about thrummed mittens and I cannot WAIT to try some.

But first I have ...a few other things to knit.

As you were.

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Vacant Uterus said... Know it, learn it, live it! I love that website.