Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Light and momentary trouble

- two of my cordless phones are cuddled up together on my table. I will be so pleased about this when I'm looking for a phone later.

- all my dishes are done and all my clean laundry is folded.

- tomorrow I will have time to write. Shhh! Don't tell the universe, or it will send an interruption.

- I keep having visions of showing up at the page to write and finding the Village I left my people in (Village People - hee!) empty save for the wind whistling forlornly through it. It's been a very long time since the Novel and I spent any meaningful time together.

- the HandiBus system in this city mystifies me, what with registration numbers and you can't book before this many days ahead, but you must book THIS many days ahead, and sure you can bring your son but oops! not if you don't tell us when you book it, and by the way, YOU can't book it, the overworked nurse at your mother's nursing home must do it, but only until your mother has a registration number and hey! here's a registration number now that the nursing home has asked for one, wasn't that easy?, and why don't you just book the next trip right now, oh wait, it's too far away and don't tell us what time you want to leave the nursing home because how much sense does THAT make? Tell us when you want to BE there. I'm sorry there was a mistake with that. No we can't change that now, but you can cancel the booking and ask for a new one which you will almost certainly not get. Would you like to cancel that trip now? Right then, go outside and bury an unpeeled potato at precisely 11:07 pm, and you'll almost certainly maybe definitely get a ride for your mom. Have a nice day!

At least their phone number is easy to remember.

- seriously. HandiBus employee. Thank you very much for walking over to the FAX machine and finding the trip booking that the nursing home had to stop handing out pills to reFax to you, after I drove there because I couldn't get anyone on the phone at the nursing home because it was lunch time over there and things get busy and the first FAX from several days ago went missing (I think if the trip requests aren't in the Magic Window, (which for personal trips is seriously, HALF A DAY, because you can't book more than two days in advance, but you have to book by noon the day before you want to travel,) they just vaporize them.)

- Christmas wish list - WHEELCHAIR VAN.

Right then. Off to bed with a book which I will not read, because I am too tired, but I will lie down with my night light on and hold the book because I plan to read it just as soon as I am done resting my eyes for a few minutes. When TB comes to bed he will pry the drool-plastered book out of my hands and I will stop snoring and protest "I'm reading!" I could just leave the book on the nightstand but I think TB has come to love this little nightly routine (in much the same way as he tears up when he finds a pair of my dirty socks in the middle of the floor.)

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Rina said...

Sounds like crazy everyday-life.... Love your humor "in the mids of everything" ;-)