Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Follow up to yesterday's post

- apparently all three of the cordless phones were in the bedroom. What a stellar plan that was.

- laundry being done, dishes languishing as we speak

- apparently the universe reads my blog. Guess whose child called home at ten in the morning, asking to come home and go back to bed, what with the stomachache and all?

- no book action to report

- apparently the HandiBus is a shared system, so if you want to be somewhere at 4 pm, you might leave your place of residence at 2:30 pm, and go for a lovely wander through the rest of Calgary picking people up. This is fine as long as your attendant is aware of the need to be there early. Or earlier. Or earlier than that.

- and ahahahahah guess what? We didn't go after all - A was the child with the stomach ache, so she didn't wrestle today, so we didn't go to the meet.

- I was in a library today. Also on the Christmas wish list - Patricia McKillip's Bell of something something.

Good night. Tonight I plan to fall asleep with a Reader's Digest clutched in my fist. Last night I stayed up half the night reading JohnShore's account of how he and his wife were attacked by squirrels. (


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