Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everything in Moderation

Just in case you're wondering how I'm doing on curbing the "I tend to be a bit ...all or nothing ..." tendencies - here is today's problem.

I have knitting I don't want my Mom to see - one is a hat, for her (that should be finished but it's been frogged - he he lookit me use new vocabulary)

One is a scarf that is not for her but is exactly like the scarf she's getting, if I can force myself through that purgatory twice. (see earlier post re ruffle tape)

I have knitting that I don't want A to see, as it's for her.

(Adding along at home? Yes, I have three things on the go. You'd think that would be enough. HOWEVER, read on for le petite problem)

What do I take to knit on the HandiBus and while we're waiting for A's soccer game to start? They're both going to be there.

Clearly I must start a sock, as I do not have the necessary materials for thrummed mittens.

Yep. Moderation is my middle name.

(Also added 200 words to the novel this morning because I realized I can just TELL PEOPLE Brynn is no longer at Kharfel's hut. "Brynn stirred in his sleep" - well, that would imply he's gone home and gone to bed, now wouldn't it? He hasn't, but he might. He could do anything, now that I'm free from writing how he got from Point A to Point B.)

Must go hang pictures at Mom's, by which I mean, go knit*, while TechnoBoy hangs pictures at Mom's.

*a sock. I've never knit a sock before but how hard can it be? Stop that chortling.


mmichele said...

Can you just say, 'shh,' i'm knitting this for some other person?

lying. it can work. sometimes.

Anonymous said...

..I have knitted (knat??) a sock Miss Sue ... and it is quite fun and the four needle or circular variety makes for interesting heel work!! ... You'll love it!! ... Bonnie Jeanie

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Very funny. I haven't knitted in ages. I perfected the square. Maybe if I'd done enough of them, I could have sewed them together for an afghan...