Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go away, I'm writing

No seriously, I am, it's just that I was lying on the floor a minute ago looking for the original scribbled draft of a poem that Im sure was much better before I started messing with it, and the dog woke up and rolled over so I could rub her belly and I had one of those moments when you know that this moment, whatever came before or comes after, this particular moment, steeped in words and warm puppy - this moment is perfect.

ETA: must clarify re lying on floor. No, the floor of my "office" (a section of our bedroom) is not littered with a drift of rough drafts. There's a bookcase holding a great collection of half-filled journals. The journal I was sure it was in (I was wrong) was on the bottom shelf.


QOTW said...

I enjoy your blog a lot. I read it regulary even though I don't always comment.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Beautiful. :)