Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Five

1. Something I'm Learning: You can't "walk off" sciatica.

2. Something I'm Learning SLOWLY: It's okay to not be okay.

3. Something I'm sure there is a solution to that doesn't involve babbling your head off at every stranger who happens past : there is a huge adjustment for an extrovert who decides to stay home full time when there are no babies to babble at.

4. What we're having for supper: Pork chunks and raw potatoes. I'm such a domestic goddess.

5. Seriously, how hard IS it to buy pork chops? Why do I keep failing at it, and come home with large chunks of pork several inches thick instead? Can I not read? Can I not judge the thickness of the raw meat for myself?*

*actually I tried that, but then I poked a hole in the shrink wrap and felt obligated to buy the large chunks of pork anyway. I'm sure people who cook (ie mostly everyone but me) would know what to do with this. I'm sure my family will eat it and not complain because I'm a bit fragile these days (see Point #3), given to weeping over the smallest things.

Now that you all feel better about whatever YOU cooked for supper - bye.


brdhsbldr said...

Now in Home Ec (over 40 years ago) given a nice fat pork chop like those we'd have felt the need to cut a pocket in it and put in bread crumb stuffing before cooking it.
There is always the option of even further "chunking" the pork chop and simmering it along with the afore mentioned chunked potatoes and some cream of muchroom soup.
It may not be glamorous but it makes my carnivore happy.

Kay Day said...

I can cook, you can sew. Together we make a whole woman. Well, do you clean? We might need someone else.

Vacant Uterus said...

I'm with commenter #1, simmer those babies in some cream of mushroom soup with a little white wine added for kicks....YUM. Sear them first, though. It'll only take about 20 minutes to do the whole dish so start the potatoes beforehand. (As everyone knows, you cannot go wrong with potatoes.)

Also, if you are soooo boooored, why are you not calling me? Um, hi, I am an extrovert stuck inside the house too! Will no one think of the mothers? *weeps pitifully*

Vacant Uterus said...

PS~ In reference to about fifty posts ago....could you just call it "Reunion"? Does the hish school part HAVE to be included?

Kassi said...

(Ummm ... you can too go wrong with potatoes ... I have a tendency to leave them to boil dry while I'm multi-tasking ... I've lost count of the number of pans I've ruined doing that)

Brendiferous said...

Hey - can I be Part III of the 'whole woman'? Can't sew, can't cook but DANG I'm a great cleaner! We rock.