Thursday, October 09, 2008

A day in the life ...

8 am: She actually WANTS to take the bus today - woo hoo!

8:25 am: There goes that idea.

8:26 am: Is that his retainer on the kitchen table?

9:15: Shoot, I forgot to buy coffee while I was out. There's no milk anyway.

10:00 am: Phone rings. Apparently we missed A's contact lens follow-up appointment (contacts are for sports only). Kinda makes a person wish she'd mentionned she had one.

10:30 am: I need to call the piano teacher and tell her we won't make it today. I am scared of her.

10:31 am: I love answering machines, and I love piano teachers with answering machines even MORE.

11:00 am: Bath.

11:30 am: Phone rings, interrupting bath nap.

11:45 am: Doorbell. I consider quickly painting chicken pox on my face so whoever it is won't think I'm still not dressed at this time of day, but the truth is, I am still not dressed. I fling on my (tidy, clean, quite nice looking) housecoat. It's birthday presents for my children. I love it that there are other people in the world who send things out in batches.

There's more, but you're all jealous enough already. Besides, B and his buddy will be home in less than half an hour and I have to hide the bottles* in the recycling bin and lay some clothes out on the bed so I can get dressed** the second I hear them at the door.

*Diet Coke - what did you think?
** I know, I know, TMI. Some day I'll get a book published and someone will interview me and ask "so do you really write naked?" and I will have to think up a witty answer. That's it. Today is absolutely the last reference I will make on this blog about what I am or am not wearing. Except - man, I hate clothes


Kay Day said...

i was going to IM you today to tell you how much I HATE it when the doorbell rings at 1:00 and I am still in my jammies and robe. I don't answer though. Not in my jammies and robe, nope. Better people think I am out somewhere living a life...

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Funny, even though I can't identify. I'm the person who crawls out of bed and get dressed. Habit, maybe. Growing up, we were never allowed to wander around in our jammies. I remember the first time I saw that at my best friend's house... :) But you can go along with all the people who say that one of the benefits of working from home is being able to wear jammies all day. :)

Kassi said...

I want to know what happens after 11.45am ...

Vacant Uterus said...

Interviewer: "So, do you reall write naked?"

S: "Only at the full moon."


Sorry. Deep inside I am really a 12 year old boy.