Monday, September 15, 2008

TechnoBoy,feel free to chime in. Not that this post has anything to do with you, you understand.

Question of the Day:

Why would someone make only HALF of a queen sized bed? There's no note, reading "Dear Delicate Flower Who is Currently Driving Our Beloved Child to the Bus Stop*: I know how exhausted living with me makes you, so I have kindly left your side of the bed unmade so that you can crawl right back in and get your much-deserved rest."

Alternate theories, anyone?

*why, AP, why? you may ask. Why drive your able-bodied child to the bus stop? So I will tell you - because she is 17 kinds of a sweetheart, and although both her father and I are willing to drive her all the way to school because it is nice to have a bit of time with her in the morning, she chose to take the bus this morning because she has a friend who is taking the bus this morning who is NOT being home-schooled this year for the first time in her life (she's in grade 8) and she thought K might like some company on her first ever bus ride to school. The bus stop K gets on at is several blocks from our house, so I took her to meet K. And it was worth it for the way K's face lit up when she saw us.

Edddditttted to Add: I just made the other half of the bed. It took about 30 seconds. I'm exhausted. Can't even go back to bed now, cause I just made it.

Also, if it was ME, I could understand it, because I am more than capable of making half a bed and forgetting what was I doing on my way around the bed to make the other half, particularly if there are shiny things between me and the other half of the bed. However, the person in question has never lost his car keys, and if he had glasses, he would always know where they are. I'm flummoxed.**

**best reason to blog: opportunity to use the word "flummoxed".


TB said...

Well, I think if you had looked closely, you would have discovered that the bed was not even half-made! Sorry for skipping that step this morning. :-)

Vacant Uterus said...

Dude, your husband makes beds? Even half of a made bed is 100% better than Sarge's rating. I say go, TB! (TechnoBoy that is, not the lung disease.)

Kay Day said...

We don't make beds around here. It is illogical and we must be logical.
Now, if I know people are coming over who are likely to say, "please, show me your entire house" I will make them because it is the socially acceptable thing to do and I want to be accepted socially. Now and then, I get on a kick and make it for no reason at all, and my life is no better than it is with a messy bed.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

You are way too funny. :) As for half the bed... well, be glad for that half. (Okay, mine makes the bed too... once in a while.)

Kassi said...

Do you have a cat? Because the MOTH makes his side of the bed each morning purely because he hates the fact that the cat (whom he also loathes with a passion) will only ever lie on HIS side of the bed ... and he hates sheets full of cat hair.

The cat won't lie on my side (I think it's cos he knows I won't mind and he only does it to annoy the MOTH!) ... so I never bother making mine :)

Of course I'm normally still IN the bed when the MOTH makes his side ...

Brendiferous said...


You make me laugh out loud in the dark and worry about waking my sleeping beauty.