Monday, September 29, 2008

Next time he comes I'll just write down everything he says and post it all at once

"Hey Misser Plett! What's in your fridge?"

"Pweas take me to music lessons right now? In your van? To the house over there?"
When I told him there were logistical problems (what music lessons, where, with who), he frowned. "You get in the van and drive to the house!"

"Miss Plett you got a tub? You want have a tub right now? With me too?"
I raised at least one eyebrow. "You want to have a bath with me?"
He raised both eyebrows. "No fank you Mrs Plett!"

"The hopsital people is taking a picture of Mommy's baby. Right now."
"Hopsital?" I asked.
He frowned. "No. The HOS-PIT-AL people."

"Miss Plett, you got monsters in your room." Quite emphatically.
"I don't think I do.." I replied.
He laughed. "I don't got any at my house either. But I could be one." (proceeds to roar a lot)

Also the fun thing about two year olds is if you ask them to jump up and down and shout "Please!" when they ask you for a snack, they'll do it.

Also he can carry a tune better than I can.

Aren't you glad I didn't start blogging when I was raising two year olds?


LC said...

Oh don't die from the cuteness unless you take us with you.

Yes, you can rename the quilt. Do you want a new label?

Trish said...

I wish you had started then! ;o)

Karen said...

I needed to be reminded of the cuteness that awaits me...

The Koala Bear Writer said...

very cute... things to look forward to! :)