Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hey! I've been meaning to tell you!

I recently read this book:

Blood Brothers, by Rick Acker.

Okay here's the thing. I'm not the world's best book reviewer because I spend hours agonizing over how much of the plot to give away to people who haven't read it yet, and because some day I am going to write a book, and I want to reap what I sow. So if I am giving a blog opinion about a book written by a human being who is still able to read or be read to, you can be sure I liked it.

Here's the other thing. I'm not crazy about legal thrillers, with all the characters and the intricate plot twists and all the thinking. Makes my brain hurt. Give me emotional angst over brain calisthenics any day. Also, I don't like to think about bad guys who do bad stuff. They make me sad and weary and wanting to go Home.

And the other other thing: Blood Brothers is a legal thriller, and I ...loved it. More to the point, it's a Christian legal thriller. Christian legal thriller? you ask. What makes it Christian? Well I'll tell you, but not yet.

Point One: The author is a litigator (I think that's the right term), working in San Francisco. People who have more clue than I do about what happens in a courtroom have said that Rick's courtroom scenes are believable - what I like about them is they're not obscure. There's not so much verbiage that I can't figure out what's going on, and there's a lot of the protagonist (Ben Corbin's) internal dialog as well, so we know not only what he's saying, but what he's thinking, and we see, sometimes rather entertainingly, the difference between his internal and external dialog. As I am perpetually curious about how other people live and what their jobs are like, I LOVED that. I looked forward to the courtroom scenes.

Point Two: The Plot. Intricate and yet accessible. There are at least three separate physical locations, all with their own people, and then a few PI's who Know All thrown in, and yet I did not get lost, and I have a capacity for getting lost that would put many others to shame.

Point Three: The God part. Remember how I said I didn't like reading about bad guys who do bad stuff? I don't, and yet sometimes I even write gut-wrenching poetry about that very thing. I have been a few rounds in prayer about this very thing ("But God! It will make people SAD!") and what I have come to is this: Bad stuff exists. God is the antidote. So no matter what I write, however negative, to me, it is not finished until there is at least some small redemption to be found.

Rick's book - wow. I got to the end of the plot, all threads tied up neatly, and there will still several pages left. Why? You'll need to read it for yourself, but those few final pages are what lifted this book for me, out of the legal thriller genre in the arena of Christian thriller. Instead of walking away feeling like I'd been peeking into the seamy underbelly of the world we live in, I walked away thinking about the way God changes lives and hearts.

So go get your own copy, is my advice.

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Kay Day said...

Thanks, I'll write it on my list!