Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Foolishness

1. Subconscious like the view from the kitchen table but has no more clue what Brynn and Kirna want to do next than I do. For the moment, Brynn is carving a medallion and Kirna is a tree, whether she likes it or not.

2. I have yet to find something that doesn't taste better with a touch of Montana's Apple Butter BBQ sauce on it.

3. Hot lunches in those nifty new thermoses are all very fine, but who is going to eat the Mac'n'cheese that doesn't fit in the Thermos? (although - I could stir in a can of tuna and a bit of BBQ sauce - bet that would taste great!)

4. List of things that dog will eat includes metal miniblinds (yes, she ATE them, she wasn't just chewing them) and whole elastic bands but apparently does NOT include orange peppers.

5. Not liking orange peppers doesn't stop her from begging for them while I'm eating them, however.

6. Apparently my ankle is a bad sprain. 4 weeks after it happened, what that means is I feel like a big faker sitting around doing nothing so I get up and do something and then I'm in pain for the rest of the day/night.

7. Why do people buy 24 lb paper, TECHNO BOY??!?!

8. I hate clothes. Working from home is ideal for me. Working from home in front of living room window is not ideal for me. On the one hand, I can see anyone who comes to ring the front doorbell - on the other hand, hmm. Perhaps 2 pm is too late in the day to still be sporting morning hair and wearing a nightgown 3 sizes too big.

9. Didn't know they made them that big, did you?

10. Speaking of nightgowns, I just threw out my favourite one. It was a bit of a nightmare by now, having seen its better days long long before the children started school, but I really really liked it.

11. I don't exaggerate, I remember big.

As you were.

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Jen said...

I own a couple of those very night gowns. The only promblem I have with them (besides mooning anyone if I bend over) is that they get all twisted up. By morning time, I'm wrapped too tightly to move.