Friday, August 08, 2008

Yep, still alive

I was going to Thursday Thirteen the holiday, but now it's Friday. Let's make it a Friday Free For All. (because I'm so structured the rest of the time)

Right then. I managed to drive us over 1000 miles AND back with no car accidents. I'm so pleased by this I'm thinking of doing it again next year. Although next year, there needs to be Plett family Pizza Night in Riverton, as opposed to my children disappearing with the cousins (good!) while I wilted at a table in the corner, relieved beyond words at being in the company I was in.


1) taking my Mom out for a day, even though it rained. She didn't mind the rain, she didn't mind the bumpy paths, she didn't mind anything. She was delighted to be out, and to be out with a group of people she likes. We went to Lower Fort Garry, a place I went to countless times as a child. We couldn't take the paddleboats there this time, but apparently the trip is still possible if you have a large enough group that books ahead.

2) lighting up the faces of my beloved neices and nephews, with a trip to the mall, a ten dollar bill, a new game or two, and cleats for Joe Banana.

3) hanging out at the farm. For various reasons, (see Lows), I found this holiday a bit stressfull, and the farm was balm.

4) learning how to AI a heifer, should I choose to do so. (HA!)

5) time spent reconnecting with good friends, (darien-the-commenter, who is one of the most thoughtful people on the planet, and a friend I met in sixth grade, who is one of the easiest people to spend time with I've ever met)

6) TechnoBoy's marvelous family. B went on a fishing trip with one uncle, to the barber with another ("I want a haircut like yours", he told J-L, "except without the gray part." And so J-L made sure he got one. Because J-L is like that. A few years ago, when CCAP was pregnant with their first child, their nephew was told that J-L and CCAP would be parents. "J-L is going to be a dad?" he asked. "That is one lucky baby!" And now there are two lucky babies, and I love watching them parent. They're both so DELIGHTED.

7) (This is pretty hodge-podgey.) Watching my three year old neice try to walk my dog. Hanging out with M, my six year old neice, who is just such a cheerful kid she makes me want to smile even when my daughter has strep.

8) TechnoBoy's Mom taking A to her quiet house and putting her to bed until the antibiotics had a chance to start working.

9) If I left anything out, I'm sorry. I'm sure I liked it, whatever it was.

10) Like darien-the-commenter there to take pictures! What a treat. I have some of my Mom and I that I really like, and Mom and I are both really hard to get good pictures of. I think it's because whatever thought we are currently having is clearly displayed on our faces, which makes them in a state of constant flux, and makes us look, well, loopy most of the time. Or mad. Or stoned. Which we're not.


1) A getting strep throat, and trying to find a walk-in clinic in Selkirk. We finally ended up at the hospital, where we did meet a very nice doctor who believed everything A told her about her history with strep. (A has had more than her fair share of strep. She never gets anything else, but she gets strep at least once a year. Strep in the summer is a new touch, though.)

2) B having asthma attack(s). We finally ended up at the hospital in a tiny little town, where the staff was lovely and helpful and kind and gave him two breathing treatments before sending us off with an inhaler.

3) Being the One In Charge. I feel more capable of being in charge when I'm the one giving suggestions. I'm sure this is not at all annoying.

4) The clinginess that certain members of my family developed as the holiday wore on. Some of this is reasonable and expected, but, without mentionning names, but she's short and furry and weighs 14 lbs, refusing to pee at rest stops unless I'm the one holding your leash? That's going TOO FAR.


Kay Day said...

Sounds like a full and mostly fun experience! Good to be home, though, I bet. It always is.

... said...

I had fun too. I liked showing you where my roots are, and also the antelope.

I should have made you stop again to get THAT picture :-)

... said...

weird. Now I'm a ...

... said...

but you'll figure it out