Friday, August 08, 2008

Okay pics

Okay the miracle of a 10 MP camera. I take this picture:

Zoom and crop a bit ...

..and I actually tell what's going on. And what colour the birds bellies are. MusicBoy tells me these are kingbirds. Maybe. Some kind of royalty birds.

And then the miracle of being able to take real pics with your camera, like darien can.

Mom and I. (there is a slight resemblance)

Mom and the dog.

That's enough for now.


darien said...

yup, i like that one of you and your mom

Anonymous said...

ah, I have a name again! I like that better than ...

darien said...


Kay Day said...

Oh, I love the one of you and your mom!
and your puppy is cute.

Slow'n'Steady said...


that's what I see/hear/feel

thanks for sharing your pics.

Trish said...

that's a great pic of you & your mom. :)