Friday, August 29, 2008

Brace yourself

lots of things on my mind, once I get started typing, who knows when I'll stop?

1. I am now self-employed. (Don't you love how that implies I'm getting paid for something? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA) TechnoBoy is self-employed. Therefore, there is no dental insurance for the Plett family. Therefore I did not find it amusing when the dentist said "Your son's teeth are lovely and there is nothing wrong with them but he needs $5000 worth of work in the next year." There was a long speech about his lower jaw and using the fact that he is still growing and I didn't understand more than three words of it, but it still somehow made sense.

After I came to again, he said "Also he needs fillings on four teeth, but they don't have cavities." This baffled me more than the long speech above, but apparently B has trenches on the sides of his adult teeth that are so deep they are impossible to clean so they will get cavities. Sometime. So we should seal them.


2. When your child says "You can't make me apologize to that weirdo!", you probably shouldn't laugh.

3. Sibling J has been very annoyed with Sibling Z the last few days. Yesterday I said I was tired of hearing the "My (gender-specific term for sibling) is a jerk" song that was being sung, and could it please stop. From upstairs, I hear the maligned sibling start to sing "My (GSTFS) is a jerk, My (GSTFS) is a JERK" and then pause. "Wait. I don't have a (gstfs)." The Sibling With THe Hate On turned me. "TOLD you (he/she) was a JERK."

4. Nancy Rue is going to follow a photojournalist around for a day, in the interest of research. So I'm going to research my novel, too. Just as soon as I find someone who can turn into a willow tree and mindspeak.

5. I love my dog. She's very cute. However, the part where she decides she's HUNGRY at 2 o'clock in the morning after refusing to eat for two days?

Don't love that part so much.

6. The neighbour lady is having a baby. This is delightful because they make GREAT kids. One of them stood on at door the day before yesterday, and we had this conversation. (He's 2 and a half.)

C: Hi Mrs Plett!
Me: Hi! How are you?
C: I need to come in your house! (starts taking off his shoes)
Me: Why do you need to come in my house?
C: Because I NEED to!
Me: Well you can come in, but you need to make sure it's okay with your mother first.
C: But I need to!
Me: If your mom says it's okay, you can come in.
C: My mom is not home!
Me(not buying it): Okay, ask your dad.
C: My Dad is not home!
Me: Is he at work?
C: Yep. I need to come in!
Me: Ask your mom.
C,(spreading his arms wide for emphasis): But there's nothing at my house!
Me: Nothing?
C, nodding: Nothing people at my house!

And then I died from cuteness overload. When I walk outside to check the mail, he spies me from his backyard and yells "YAY! HI! MRS! PLETT!"

Another one of those?

Bring it on.

7. Next week my children will be back in school, and I will be working from home, writing a novel. I don't know whether to cry, laugh or throw up. Possibly I will do all three.

8. Ouch. Never mind what hurts, other people have bigger problems than I do, but let me just say if the floor of the cabin is a foot below the hallway floor, the "watch your step" sign should not be on the DOOR which may be left OPEN when a large woman comes barrelling down the hall to ask her daughter and her nieces to please keep it down, it's 10:30, and there are people with small children in this building.

A said later "Nice entrance, Mom." And for the entire week, there was a lot of "Watch your step, Auntie Sue" going on.

But wait, wasn't that 2 and a half weeks ago, you ask? Why yes it was. I was planning for it not to hurt by now, but my foot didn't get the memo.

9. The dog is now barking at a corncob in the backyard, asking it to come on up and let her chew on it.

10. The dog has now heard the word "CRATE!" and is glowering at me. She's even cute when she glowers (much like a two year old.)

11. (this will make sense to almost no-one) Pizza night Schmizza night. He should go inside and phone me already.


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense to me. I'm wondering how things worked out too.


Heather said...

Made sense to me too. Hope he did phone you, 'cause I was lucky enough to get a call. :-)

And I'm sorry it still hurts.

Rick Acker said...

Hey, Sue! Love the blog!

Glad you're enjoying Blood Brothers.


Vacant Uterus said...

Call me about the willow tree-mindspeak thing. I do that part time at the Senior Center.

Also? MY wierdo brother is a jerk sometimes too. Are you sure your kids aren't related to me? If not that's REALLY coincidental.