Friday, August 29, 2008

Brace yourself

lots of things on my mind, once I get started typing, who knows when I'll stop?

1. I am now self-employed. (Don't you love how that implies I'm getting paid for something? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA) TechnoBoy is self-employed. Therefore, there is no dental insurance for the Plett family. Therefore I did not find it amusing when the dentist said "Your son's teeth are lovely and there is nothing wrong with them but he needs $5000 worth of work in the next year." There was a long speech about his lower jaw and using the fact that he is still growing and I didn't understand more than three words of it, but it still somehow made sense.

After I came to again, he said "Also he needs fillings on four teeth, but they don't have cavities." This baffled me more than the long speech above, but apparently B has trenches on the sides of his adult teeth that are so deep they are impossible to clean so they will get cavities. Sometime. So we should seal them.


2. When your child says "You can't make me apologize to that weirdo!", you probably shouldn't laugh.

3. Sibling J has been very annoyed with Sibling Z the last few days. Yesterday I said I was tired of hearing the "My (gender-specific term for sibling) is a jerk" song that was being sung, and could it please stop. From upstairs, I hear the maligned sibling start to sing "My (GSTFS) is a jerk, My (GSTFS) is a JERK" and then pause. "Wait. I don't have a (gstfs)." The Sibling With THe Hate On turned me. "TOLD you (he/she) was a JERK."

4. Nancy Rue is going to follow a photojournalist around for a day, in the interest of research. So I'm going to research my novel, too. Just as soon as I find someone who can turn into a willow tree and mindspeak.

5. I love my dog. She's very cute. However, the part where she decides she's HUNGRY at 2 o'clock in the morning after refusing to eat for two days?

Don't love that part so much.

6. The neighbour lady is having a baby. This is delightful because they make GREAT kids. One of them stood on at door the day before yesterday, and we had this conversation. (He's 2 and a half.)

C: Hi Mrs Plett!
Me: Hi! How are you?
C: I need to come in your house! (starts taking off his shoes)
Me: Why do you need to come in my house?
C: Because I NEED to!
Me: Well you can come in, but you need to make sure it's okay with your mother first.
C: But I need to!
Me: If your mom says it's okay, you can come in.
C: My mom is not home!
Me(not buying it): Okay, ask your dad.
C: My Dad is not home!
Me: Is he at work?
C: Yep. I need to come in!
Me: Ask your mom.
C,(spreading his arms wide for emphasis): But there's nothing at my house!
Me: Nothing?
C, nodding: Nothing people at my house!

And then I died from cuteness overload. When I walk outside to check the mail, he spies me from his backyard and yells "YAY! HI! MRS! PLETT!"

Another one of those?

Bring it on.

7. Next week my children will be back in school, and I will be working from home, writing a novel. I don't know whether to cry, laugh or throw up. Possibly I will do all three.

8. Ouch. Never mind what hurts, other people have bigger problems than I do, but let me just say if the floor of the cabin is a foot below the hallway floor, the "watch your step" sign should not be on the DOOR which may be left OPEN when a large woman comes barrelling down the hall to ask her daughter and her nieces to please keep it down, it's 10:30, and there are people with small children in this building.

A said later "Nice entrance, Mom." And for the entire week, there was a lot of "Watch your step, Auntie Sue" going on.

But wait, wasn't that 2 and a half weeks ago, you ask? Why yes it was. I was planning for it not to hurt by now, but my foot didn't get the memo.

9. The dog is now barking at a corncob in the backyard, asking it to come on up and let her chew on it.

10. The dog has now heard the word "CRATE!" and is glowering at me. She's even cute when she glowers (much like a two year old.)

11. (this will make sense to almost no-one) Pizza night Schmizza night. He should go inside and phone me already.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

So there's been this ...aroma the garage that I badly wanted to attribute to the fact that the week we were away it was over 30 every day and we'd missed garbage day.

Yesterday, after the offending garbage was removed, I went out to get something from the deep freeze and a small dark something scampered away.

Sighing deeply, I brought out the traps. We back onto a lake, which is encircled by a footpath, which separates the lake from a river. Mice are inevitable. The last time we had mice, I stopped counting bodies at 17. For some reason, I am the Mouse Terminator in this house. I do not like this job. I do not like the mice, and I most certainly do not want the mice in my house, (so far they have not ventured past the garage, which apparently provides all they could ever want or need) but I do not like killing mice. It feels inherently wrong, particularly in view of my last post, to lure mice to peanut butter with the express purpose of causing their last thought to be "Hey that smells grea - !" I wish I could sit down with them all and just have a wee chat, and agree not to set peanut butter into things that will kill them if they will agree to scamper off to the ample food and shelter of the nearby forest.

They are not interested in this. They are interested in licking peanut butter off traps and wandering off. Yesterday I watched a very small mouse (whose mother I had just disposed of) delicately lick every last vestige of peanut butter off a trap without springing it. It was my deep sigh that alerted the young thing to my presence, or I think perhaps it might have just curled up close by to wait until I refilled the trap.

So this is how I think it's working now. I fill the traps. Since I can NOT set a trap down without springing it at least once, there is a loud snap when I put it down. The legions of mice asleep under my garage perk up, and tell each other it's feeding time. They wait until I am gone. Today there was a second snap, and I'm sure I heard tiny whisperings as they tried to decide if there were now two feeding bowls, or if that was the same feeder making that noise twice in a row.

At any rate, I'm sure they've emptied them in the time it took me to type this. I really should go refill the things. Perhaps I should put out a small bowl of water as well, and save them the long, exhausting hike to the river?

(Also, one of the sprung traps is missing. Completely. I moved the nearby shelf but it's not under there. Are they taking it apart and studying how it works? Am I going to walk outside one day, lured by the aroma of barbecued steak, and find myself in Glory?)


Last week in BC, wandering down one of the many lovely pathways that Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre is dotted with, I passed a woman pushing a stroller. The child in the stroller was around 4 years old, and she held something in discarded granola bar wrappper. I looked closer.

It was a tiny baby bird. Quite dead. She stroked it with a finger, and when I bent closer, she held it up for me. I extended one tiny wing, marvelling at the colours in the feathers, and the child held it up so I see could the tiny beak, the small hard dots of eyes.

She was fascinated by it. I later heard that she had carried it around until bedtime.

How do you think God felt about that?

I know how *I* would feel if someone was that enthralled by something I had made.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Old dog, new trick

Couldn't figure out how to fade out at the end, so just turn your sound down slowly. Thanks.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

who knew?

Well this should be interesitng ...apparently you can access the internet from the ferry line up in Victoria, due to the unsecured hotel WiFi across the street.

Also my children ...ack we're driving

Friday, August 08, 2008

Okay pics

Okay the miracle of a 10 MP camera. I take this picture:

Zoom and crop a bit ...

..and I actually tell what's going on. And what colour the birds bellies are. MusicBoy tells me these are kingbirds. Maybe. Some kind of royalty birds.

And then the miracle of being able to take real pics with your camera, like darien can.

Mom and I. (there is a slight resemblance)

Mom and the dog.

That's enough for now.

Yep, still alive

I was going to Thursday Thirteen the holiday, but now it's Friday. Let's make it a Friday Free For All. (because I'm so structured the rest of the time)

Right then. I managed to drive us over 1000 miles AND back with no car accidents. I'm so pleased by this I'm thinking of doing it again next year. Although next year, there needs to be Plett family Pizza Night in Riverton, as opposed to my children disappearing with the cousins (good!) while I wilted at a table in the corner, relieved beyond words at being in the company I was in.


1) taking my Mom out for a day, even though it rained. She didn't mind the rain, she didn't mind the bumpy paths, she didn't mind anything. She was delighted to be out, and to be out with a group of people she likes. We went to Lower Fort Garry, a place I went to countless times as a child. We couldn't take the paddleboats there this time, but apparently the trip is still possible if you have a large enough group that books ahead.

2) lighting up the faces of my beloved neices and nephews, with a trip to the mall, a ten dollar bill, a new game or two, and cleats for Joe Banana.

3) hanging out at the farm. For various reasons, (see Lows), I found this holiday a bit stressfull, and the farm was balm.

4) learning how to AI a heifer, should I choose to do so. (HA!)

5) time spent reconnecting with good friends, (darien-the-commenter, who is one of the most thoughtful people on the planet, and a friend I met in sixth grade, who is one of the easiest people to spend time with I've ever met)

6) TechnoBoy's marvelous family. B went on a fishing trip with one uncle, to the barber with another ("I want a haircut like yours", he told J-L, "except without the gray part." And so J-L made sure he got one. Because J-L is like that. A few years ago, when CCAP was pregnant with their first child, their nephew was told that J-L and CCAP would be parents. "J-L is going to be a dad?" he asked. "That is one lucky baby!" And now there are two lucky babies, and I love watching them parent. They're both so DELIGHTED.

7) (This is pretty hodge-podgey.) Watching my three year old neice try to walk my dog. Hanging out with M, my six year old neice, who is just such a cheerful kid she makes me want to smile even when my daughter has strep.

8) TechnoBoy's Mom taking A to her quiet house and putting her to bed until the antibiotics had a chance to start working.

9) If I left anything out, I'm sorry. I'm sure I liked it, whatever it was.

10) Like darien-the-commenter there to take pictures! What a treat. I have some of my Mom and I that I really like, and Mom and I are both really hard to get good pictures of. I think it's because whatever thought we are currently having is clearly displayed on our faces, which makes them in a state of constant flux, and makes us look, well, loopy most of the time. Or mad. Or stoned. Which we're not.


1) A getting strep throat, and trying to find a walk-in clinic in Selkirk. We finally ended up at the hospital, where we did meet a very nice doctor who believed everything A told her about her history with strep. (A has had more than her fair share of strep. She never gets anything else, but she gets strep at least once a year. Strep in the summer is a new touch, though.)

2) B having asthma attack(s). We finally ended up at the hospital in a tiny little town, where the staff was lovely and helpful and kind and gave him two breathing treatments before sending us off with an inhaler.

3) Being the One In Charge. I feel more capable of being in charge when I'm the one giving suggestions. I'm sure this is not at all annoying.

4) The clinginess that certain members of my family developed as the holiday wore on. Some of this is reasonable and expected, but, without mentionning names, but she's short and furry and weighs 14 lbs, refusing to pee at rest stops unless I'm the one holding your leash? That's going TOO FAR.