Sunday, July 13, 2008

This post brought to you by my left brain


(and yes, I do realize that the commonly held opinion is that my left brain atrophied and was surgically removed long ago)

So we had company earlier this month who showed us many pictures from their trip driving the Alaskan highway, and I was personally amazed at the quality of the pictures taken with my friend's teeny tiny wee little (pop quiz – how big was it?) digital camera. TechnoGuy and I had many hours to talk while driving and changing into the hibiscus dress (me, not him, although I did suggest he give it a whirl) and it came out that yes, I would love my own camera again, and somehow that led to a Best Buy and a Nikon CoolPix (10 MP! Apparently that's GREAT!) It is (guess how big?) and oh so portable and also my very own, so the people who check our pictures periodically will once again be treated to several pictures of TG taking pictures. Also the reason it is so hard to get good pictures of TG is – no-one ever takes any pictures of TG. How great is THIS pic?

And now we are going out for lunch in a few whiles with my brother and his wife and I thought, hey wouldn't it be cool if I could show them pictures from our recent trip over lunch?

So I took the pictures off my camera and synced them to my Zune and then I chose several pictures from TG's camera and synced THOSE to my Zune, and now I have two new slide shows on my Zune to show at lunch time.

This involved SD cards and card readers and cords plugged into the right places and learning of new software and - brace yourself – I DID NOT WHINE OR MOAN ONCE. Nor did I slide my beloved laptop over to my husband and say "Oh never mind, I'll learn the next time."

Old dog, new trick – it CAN be done.


Kay Day said...

I want a new camera. But I want mine to be little bitty, teeny weeny.

My left brain has no idea what a Zune thingymajig is.

Nice pic, too, by the way. He looks very rugged with the wind blowing in his eye and the trees in the background

Slow'n'Steady said...

So you're turning tricks, now, eh? That dress must have been something.

And you so are NOT an old dog.