Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Snippets

(bonus marks for readers who catch the Monty Python reference)

1. We're all back home, the five of us, and it is lovely. My daughter has picked up a British accent that someone left lying around to be inhaled - my SIL doesn't know where it came from, but apparently she's had it for four days now. She sounds ever so much sweeter when she's rolling her eyes at me now.

2. The dog is napping beside me on the couch (no, wait, on a blanket on the new couch, because she is SO not allowed on the couches) and every time I move my hand she bares her belly at me just in case I was planning to scratch it.

3. A photo showing how to make two geeky Canadians walk around saying "Have you in fact got any cheese at all?" for several hours - tour a cheese factory. This is in Tillamook, Oregon, and those orange lines? Long lines of blocks of cheese.

4. Tomorrow morning it's Office Hours Or Else. 9 till 12, I'm working. Not for pay, just Being A Writer. The best part is, it will be in my pyjamas.

5. There was no drive by weeding done while we were away.


Vacant Uterus said...

No drive by weeding AT ALL? Darn. None at my house either. BUT! There is such a thing as a Guerilla Gardener though; my friend blogged about her. She came in and ripped out Lassie's dogwood bush and planted her own stuff in Lassie's garden. True story!

Lorrie said...

We met briefly last year at the Inscribe conference. I clicked here via the link on this year's conference site and have had a great time reading your blog. Hilarious. And I'm so sorry there's been no drive-by weeding.


Slow'n'Steady said...

wow sunday seems like so long ago. have you lost your voice? hope it's writing.