Friday, July 18, 2008

So that was mistake - or was it?

Took the kids to a lake here in town (yes, right in town. It's a life of hardship, I tell you) today, with a friend along for each of them. Half an hour after we got there, it started to rain and then there was lightning, and then we got kicked off the beach. So we went to Dairy Queen instead, because, as I said, "After a hot day at the beach, we need ice cream to cool off." And then I got the eye-rolling I deserved.

So that was a waste, except it wasn't, because the other two kids are still here, and so I have some much needed FreeFall collective reading time.

and last night, I peeled five potatoes too many for supper, so that was a waste, except I saved them and now tonight's supper is that much closer to being done.


I'm looking forward to my next mistake!


The Koala Bear Writer said...

Ah yes, those are the best mistakes. (Now if I could make a few like that...)

BTW, I am working on FS, and will have it to you soon... I think... (Except that I'm taking a break to catch up on all the blogs that I usually read that I haven't been because I'm busy working on FS and visiting with friends before we move very far north...)

QOTW said...

Great mistakes and great attitude!

Vacant Uterus said...

Dude, you can never have too many potatoes. Really.