Wednesday, July 02, 2008

six hundred and forty three? really?

This is my 643rd post. Who knew?

Okay, whatever. I'm still alive. I think about posting often, but I'd have to stop doing nothing in order to do that, and I'm having too much fun.

Either that or the spousal unit and I are taking advantage of this period of coincident unemployment to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes and say things like "Will we ever get all this crap organized?" For the first week, or maybe even two, or maybe all the way till yesterday, TechnoBoy worked industriously while I took desultory stabs at things and then sat down, resolved to Do Better tomorrow. And lo and behold, tomorrow was yesterday, and today, and there has been much sorting and flinging of trash, and taking of things to Goodwill, and also much chortling over the clothes we wore 20 years ago (that you can now go buy for yourself, at Goodwill. And really, you must hurry, because a pale yellow cotton men's suit is going to snapped right up!) The coolest thing I found was the pair of shorts I've been wondering about, off and on, for at least three years, and also - a few months ago, I was delighted to find a pair of Cotton Ginny jeans, in my size, at the consignment store. A few days ago, I realized that now that I no longer go out among the people to work, I may have to invest in another pair of jeans. I looked sadly at my lovely Cotton Ginny jeans, circa 1998, as I thought this, because they cannot be purchased now. And all this time, there was a pair of nearly new jeans exactly like them hiding in my basement closet.

Moving on. If you ever need a pencil for anything, we have a box of assorted pencils, pens and crayons wearing approximately 400 lbs on our games shelf. And the games shelf is so tidy it brings tears to my eyes. (My version of tidy, however - I am expecting Very Tidy company in a few days, and I am well aware that the disorganization in my house will cause internal tongue cluckings. I do not care. I am doing the best I can with the personality I've been given.)

The most freeing thing for me this week has been to realize YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP IT. If your friend's well-meaning sister gave you two dozen workbooks that her daughter didn't use and your child has shown no interest in, you are under no obligation to keep them. Some rodent in a landfill somewhere might need to catch up on its Grade 7 math. That lovely whatever-it-is that someone gave you for your birthday five years ago, that you don't know how to work? Goodwill needs SOMETHING to sell. The pieces from a 50 cent necklace that was broken so long ago no-one in this house remembers it? It's time to free it from the confines of your house.

And so I have been merrily pitching things, and giving things away, and packing boxes for Goodwill. TechoBoy has been resolutely Not Looking in the boxes because we are both horrible horrible packrats. He looks in a box, and All Is Lost. The Hats were the worst of all. He picked up a faded faded faded (ie very light in colour) ball cap, a ball cap that was a rather noticeable shade of orange in its youth. Time had done no favours for the general appearance of this cap, so I put it in the Do Not Keep pile. TechnoBoy picked it up, and his eyes got misty. "You wore this for a lot of great canoe trips." Yes, yes, I did, but I am doing the suffering for our children, honey, when we are both dead and gone, and they have to figure out what to do with this entire housefull of happy memories.

The hat is gone but the memories aren't.

Still, I couldn't quite give away the tiny red and white Canada jacket both my children wore. It's hanging up there with my wedding dress and my grad dress.

And now I'm going to bed, because company is coming tomorrow morning and the house, while it is tidier than it has been in living memory, has a layer of filth on it like nobody business. (sic)

Anybody have any idea how to clean silk plants? Or, indeed, why?


Kay Day said...

put them in a bag with salt and shake. The silk plants that is.

If you moved more often, you wouldn't have all this stuff from 20 years ago.
If I settle down in one spot, well.... I hate to think.

BTW - WAY TO GO!! That cheer is for both of you. Getting rid of stuff is tough!

Kay Day said...

Ok, I want to clarify. You shake the bag... with the salt and plants in it. YOU don't necessarily need to shake. But, you know, whatever.

mmichele said...

i hear the rodents do a good job on silk plants down at the landfill, especially if they are salted. :)

QOTW said...

Fun blog. I have moved 26 times, and I still have way way way too much stuff. I don't get that because of late I hardly buy anything.

Kay Day said...

QOTW is my cousin, Susan. Susan, meet Queen of the World. Queen of the World meet Susan.

I was just talking to a friend who just moved and has to move again in a year. She thinks she will buy nothing new this year. LOL!!! I laugh. Because even if you don't go out to the store and buy stuff, it sneaks into your house while you sleep.

Karen said...

There is a 12 yard waste bin parked on my driveway until sometime tomorrow, in case you want to permanently take care of those silk plants... Having recently emerged from the bowels of my own closet, I found such a variety of sizes in clothing I am pretty sure I could open my own consigment store in the garage. With the first purchase I would even throw in a large blond dog.

Megan DiMaria said...

Congratulations on going through your junk and sorting it out, Susan. I've got to get "in a mood" to tackle my stuff.

We moved 10 times in the first 15 years of our marriage. And then, 14 years ago, we moved into our current home and have stayed put. Boy, we've accumulated a LOT of junk.

I need to lighten my load of possessions--I need to move!

A prisoner of hope,

PS: I didn't read the post carefully enough the first time, and when I started reading comments, I thought Kay was nuts. Who ever heard of cleaning silk pants by putting them in a bag with salt and shaking it??

Jen said...

I say don't worry about washing them, throw them out. Silk pants shouldn't be worn, ever again.

I would love to be a packrat but I move too often. Someday, I may have nothing left but a suitcase...

Kay Day said...

Oh, Jen. Read it again...

Besides I had a wonderful pair of silk pants. They were the nubby, rough kind of silk, not smooth and shiny.

But read the part about "silk pants" again.

Slow'n'Steady said...

silk pants, silk plants -

I say skip them both. I refuse to buy silk plants any more. Part of my quest toward reality.

And you sound like you might have found the website. She'll help you get over any lingering need to hang on to clutter.

Just 15 minutes a day and at the end of the week, your house is 3.5 hours cleaner.

Glad my husband believes that.

Congrats. Give my best wishes to the rats.