Thursday, July 03, 2008

Can I type thirteen things while it's still Thursday?

1. A recently got an award at school for being an "Effective Communicator". This was an end-of-year award and was given to only 5 students in her grade. It was a recognition of her ability to communicate effectively in written reports across a variety of subjects.

She did not know she was getting the award.

She walked up to receive the award wearing a T-shirt that read "I can talk my way out of anything."

2. "Have you seen the thing goes on this thing?" I asked TechnoBoy recently, thinking privately of that Billy Collins poem that starts out "The nouns are the first to go ..."

He looked at me. "A hundred thousand words in the English language," he said, "and yet so many items are called 'things'."

3. There are way more than a hundred thousand words in the English language. Go look it up.

4. A made supper on Tuesday. Chicken skewers, with the chicken dipped in sweet'n'sour sauce. She got the sauce recipe off the internet. I asked her to print the recipe for the sauce afterward, because it was really good sweet'n'sour sauce.

"Oh, I changed it," she said. "And I don't remember how, I just thought maybe it would taste good with pineapple juice in it and ..." and I lost the rest of what she was saying because I'm 47, and it still makes me nervous to change the Recipe. When I make up a recipe all by myself, I feel like WonderWoman. Until we taste it.

Any chance I can grow up to be just like A?

5. TechnoBoy has a job, starting July 16, that is not downtown. He will not have to pay for parking.

6. I took the dog for a long walk tonight. By the end of it, she was trudging along beside me like I was punishing her.

7. We are having good friends come to visit from out of town tomorrow night, that we haven't seen in a few years. I am delighted.

8. No-one has done any drive-by weeding in my garden. I don't know why.

9. Seriously, wouldn't that be a great thing to do for someone? Wait till they left for work in the morning, and then go and do their yardwork?

10. If you're thinking of trying #9, I can pretend not to be home all day tomorrow.

11. Remember those jeans I found the day before yesterday? I'm pretty sure the reason I didn't take them to California with me when we moved there was because they were too small. They are not too small now.

12. Sue's tip for drinking lots of water all day: Keep a glass in the bathroom. Every time you go in to spend a penny (tee hee), fill the glass with water before you sit down, and drink it while you're sitting there.

13. I can take 18 minutes to type this because it is still Thursday for another 18 minutes. I am not going to, however.

Okay goodnight to those of you who have not dozed off reading this.


Heather said...

Where can I get a t-shirt like that? I have a daughter who could use one. Betcha can't guess which one!

Kay Day said...

You seem like a strange and delightful person. Wanna be friends?

darien said...

yea A!!!

Slow'n'Steady said...

Oh, kay day, you have no idea.

I miss you Sue. We need to have another drive-around-aimlessly-mocking-bare-midriffs-and-laughing-at-Monty-Python-jokes kind of evening.

Yay for 11.

Slow'n'Steady said...

I never got Monty Python until I heard you reciting it with a British accent.