Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yes there's more to my life than robins

So yesterday I managed to stomp on my new red glasses, the ones with the lovely clip-on sunglasses, and twist the frames and pop the lens out and even cut my foot in the process. It was all I could do not to burst into tears - not only did my foot hurt, but my lovely new glasses were ruined. And I had just destroyed the second pair of prescription sunglasses I've ever in my life purchased, which was also the second pair of prescription sunglasses I had managed to destroy. (With my own body, even - the first time, I sat on them.)

HOWEVER, even though the rain, it never stops, (hmm no I don't actually need sunglasses, come to think of it. Thanks for pointing that out, left brain. You can go now.) there is good news. I couldn't take them to where I'd purchased them, because that place is no longer in existence, however, there was another Pearle Vision in town, so I drove over there in the rain, geared for ...I don't know, begging? ...and lo and behold, they asked for 15 minutes to attempt to wrangle my glasses back into shape and it worked! I put them on and they were perfectly straight, and I limped away with a grin on my face.

And in the 15 minutes, I had time to find a good price on new jeans for my son ("Can you just buy me 8 pair?" he asked. "I rip jeans a LOT." The answer was no. "Seven?" he tried. "Two." "Okay three is my final offer," he announced, which, hello? who is the parent here? who has the power to make announcements? He got two. And if he wears them ONE SECOND past the end of the school day, I'm hiding them.)

And in other news, my children did a stellar, stellar job at their piano recital today. B came in quaking and told his teacher he could not possibly do four songs, and could he please leave out song #2, and she said "No, because you can play it." Yay, his teacher! And of course he played it.

And A - she plays beautifully, with her lovely long fingers, and her remarkable poise, and it was just a delight to be there with them.

And I am going to be away sometime in the next day or so for a few hours, so if any of you would like to break in and organize my house for me, my alarm code is 5551212, and the secret word is "flargschnofferblop". And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Bailey said...

Thank-you for blogging. Your writing style always entertains me (and makes me more than a little jealous).