Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In which the suffering never stops

I have walked the dog. I have slept in. I have driven my daughter to school without calculating just how many minutes late I am today. I have brought my husband his morning chai, and read books, and prepared well-thought-out handouts for my class. I have gone to several soccer games, and added pages to my book. I have had companionable interludes with my husband - I like him. We went to the mall together last week without any children. Like we were friends or something.

What I have not done is organized my house. The Organizing Fairies have not found my house yet, either. I have not folded all the clean laundry, or blogged about anything.

And I have not missed work one bit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perhaps it was the victorious fist pump that tipped them off

So I'm trying to write. A book, some poetry, whatever else comes to mind. You know - BE a writer. I'd love to quit my job and write but

1) I think that I am possibly the least self-disciplined person on the planet.

2) Way back when B was in kindergarten, this job dropped into my lap. Even though I wasn't looking for work on Friday, by Wednesday I was all dressed up and out among the people, earning money. I said at the time: "If I don't take this job, God might just have to come down and smack me over the head with a two by four, saying "Psst! Talking! To YOU!". So I didn't feel like I could just walk away without some sort of ...permission.

So for several months I've been praying for a clear signal that it's time to leave.

Yesterday morning I was laid off.

Fairly clear, I'd say.

I'm excited and nervous and oh my goodness do I not want to squander this marvelous opportunity.

(I'm pretty sure I didn't react the way my boss was expecting me to. He told me all about the terms and conditions and what I needed to sign, and asked if I had any questions.
"Are you telling me the truth when you say it's not performance based?" I asked.


I stuck out my hand.

"Then I'm good." I said. "Maybe I'll get that novel written in this life time after all."

And I went and packed up my desk and gave away all the MacDonald's toys sprinkled liberally over my desk and hugged everyone and said it had been fantastic working with them - and it has, it really has. The best thing about that job has always and forever been the people. The best group I have ever worked with, hands down.

And then I tried not to rub my hands in glee until after I'd left the building.)

Now I'm just scared :) but - Nancy, are you reading this? - so what?

This is who I am.

New stuff scares me.

But getting to be home with my kids for the summer? Not one bit scary. Not paying to park downtown? Not paying for the fuel to drive downtown and back 4 days a week? Not paying to buy lunches? All those things aren't new, so I'll be good :)

(why yes, there is a teeny black spot over there to the side, the fly in the ointment. Care to guess what it is? there will be no prize, but who cares?)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Made it!

Ten days without TechnoBoy! (He was off at TechnoWeenie Mecca, or, as his programmer friend calls it, "a weeklong geekfest". The organizers call it TechEd.) He had a great time, his suitcase had so much fun it didn't come with him, and we are delighted to see him.

Welcome home, buddy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Free book!

Well, okay, free contest to win a book over at a Summer blog tour at http://writeword4women.blogspot.com/.

The book in question is Searching for Spice, by Megan DiMaria - I've mentionned it here before.

Get your name in today :)

Yes there's more to my life than robins

So yesterday I managed to stomp on my new red glasses, the ones with the lovely clip-on sunglasses, and twist the frames and pop the lens out and even cut my foot in the process. It was all I could do not to burst into tears - not only did my foot hurt, but my lovely new glasses were ruined. And I had just destroyed the second pair of prescription sunglasses I've ever in my life purchased, which was also the second pair of prescription sunglasses I had managed to destroy. (With my own body, even - the first time, I sat on them.)

HOWEVER, even though the rain, it never stops, (hmm no I don't actually need sunglasses, come to think of it. Thanks for pointing that out, left brain. You can go now.) there is good news. I couldn't take them to where I'd purchased them, because that place is no longer in existence, however, there was another Pearle Vision in town, so I drove over there in the rain, geared for ...I don't know, begging? ...and lo and behold, they asked for 15 minutes to attempt to wrangle my glasses back into shape and it worked! I put them on and they were perfectly straight, and I limped away with a grin on my face.

And in the 15 minutes, I had time to find a good price on new jeans for my son ("Can you just buy me 8 pair?" he asked. "I rip jeans a LOT." The answer was no. "Seven?" he tried. "Two." "Okay three is my final offer," he announced, which, hello? who is the parent here? who has the power to make announcements? He got two. And if he wears them ONE SECOND past the end of the school day, I'm hiding them.)

And in other news, my children did a stellar, stellar job at their piano recital today. B came in quaking and told his teacher he could not possibly do four songs, and could he please leave out song #2, and she said "No, because you can play it." Yay, his teacher! And of course he played it.

And A - she plays beautifully, with her lovely long fingers, and her remarkable poise, and it was just a delight to be there with them.

And I am going to be away sometime in the next day or so for a few hours, so if any of you would like to break in and organize my house for me, my alarm code is 5551212, and the secret word is "flargschnofferblop". And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Dear Drive Thru employee

Just a few wee tips:

1. Making me wait to give you my money while you finish texting is Not Good Form.

2. In a similar vein, doing a double take when you finally look at me, and saying "Whoa! Rough night??" is also Bad Form.

3. Doing the above two things and then burning my bagel? Very nearly the Straw that Made Me Talk To The Manager. However, you may BE the manager, and I don't have the emotional fortitude to get through that particular scenario.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's all about the birds

And yesterday was FOR the birds - late for work, had a headache, forgot to leave my parking receipt on the dash, so I got a ticket, so I called the number to call and told them I had paid and she said a LOT of things and made me read her every number I could find on both the ticket and the receipt, which was just SO easy (NOT!) because I can't drive with my glasses OFF and can't read with them ON, and couldn't just not drive until the call was done because I'm supposed to be HOME when B gets home from school, and FINALLY she agreed to cancel the ticket but not without a really lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng (and that is nowhere NEAR enough "n"s!) speech about how yes, life is tricky, and busy, but really, it's not her problem if I forget and in the future I will have to pay the ticket, which a) AS IF and also b) well, shoot. I was planning on having THIS MUCH FUN on the phone EVERY DAY, and the grocery store and then picking A up from school because she'd had a wardrobe malfunction, and then taking the kids to piano and crap! they need to eat! and the dog running away, and spilling water on the new floor, and why are you still reading this???

But you know what, blah blah blah, whatever, because I have two fantastic kids who did a fantastic job of cleaning up in time for Bible Study, and who are fun and funny and are going to ROCK at their piano recital on Sunday, and my husband is a cool guy who knows how to put a webcam on a bird's nest. Wanna see?

(there was really no point to this post except the crushing guilt I feel when I get a notice from sitemeter saying "hits today: 32" and I realize there's been nothing new posted. So really, I'm posting this for search engines, who couldn't care less what's behind the links they dredge up, because search engines AREN'T HUMAN. Isn't this some kind of futuristic nightmare, the having to make the machines happy?)

Don't answer any of those questions. Just, if you're not a search engine, leave a comment. (Even more fun - leave a comment and pretend you ARE a search engine.)

WOW, talk about "writing past the ending"!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blogger ...

..is a being a big baby.


That’s all.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Twiddling my thumbs

Waiting for the videos to upload to the Robin Blog.

It's taking a while. Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I am Im.Pay.Shunt and keep sucking processing speed from the computer to do other things, could it?

Didn't think so.