Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wait, what? I have another blog?

So all my blogging energy is going in to either watching the robin cam or blogging about the robin cam (see sidebar) The only other noteworthy thing in my current life is that we are leaving home in an hour to take B to hockey, from which we will take A to soccer, from which we will take B to hockey, from which we will go home, and eat supper.

Also because my sister-in-law found a nest of baby bunnies in her flower bed (how cool is that??? Bunnies! you can eat my liatris! Build a nest where I can find it! Wait. Do rabbits read blogs?) okay where was I? Right, she has this nest of bunnies and so I went and talked to Google about how bunnies is hatched, and what do you know, they aren't! Okay I knew that part but did you know that a female rabbit only nurses her babies FIVE MINUTES A DAY? And at night, so the predators won't see where she's sneaking off to under cover of darkness. It's all very covert. She doesn't go anywhere near the nest in broad daylight, either, because of the predator issue. And she doesn't lie down to nurse - she stands over the nest.

Once in 24 hours. Wow. I think I'd start to miss my baby :)

Speaking of which, Jack rocks.

Off to make sandwiches to eat in the car or at a game or something. Maybe it will be sunny today, and we can emerge from the rink and shed our parkas.

Right then. Have a lovely weekend.

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Kay said...

I think I have a bunnies' nest under my deck.