Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Every time I go to a writing class or a weekend retreat or some such thing, I go in looking for the "take away", the thing that I needed to know or remember that I didn't know before I got there. This post is primarily for me, and many of them will seem cryptic to You, The Reader.

Glen Eyrie Take Away's

1. A cute pink notebook to tuck in my purse so I can be just like Judith except it won't be in my back pocket.

2. Character development - yeah, the session I was going to skip because characterization is my strong suit. There's all these things you can do ahead of tiem before you even start to write your character (or, if you're like me, after you've played around with your character on paper, for an unspecified length of time) that breathe life into your character on the page. These things are not solely for Type A over-achievers and ...this is the best part ...doing them counts as working on your novel even if your word count remains the same. Take that, Headitor.

3. Read Ender's Game already.

4. Orson Scott Card has maybe written some books about writing. These may be useful.

5. So that's his bleakest moment! He has a bleakest moment! I found his bleakest moment! (I also went and found Angela Hunt and punched her (lightly) in the arm and exulted "He has a bleakest moment!"

6. From my notes: I ache to be worthy of the calling, but I'm getting it backwards. I am worthy by virtue of being called. This has nothing to do with anything that I am, have, or have done. It has everything to do with "while there's breath in my body, God has a job for me to do."

7. You haven't fallen.

8. "Why?" is the wrong question.

9. "I am the smart one" sounds good on the surface, but it is another of the toxic lies that fall into the "take every thought captive" camp.

10. You are doing it, tooth and claw.


12. Praying "show me what surrender looks like" is a dangerous prayer.

13. "And we lie on our beds
Wide awake, cracked open.

There will be no going back." May Sarton


Megan DiMaria said...

Hi Susan,

I'm glad you had what seems like a powerful experience at Glen Eyrie.

I love your point # 6. I'm going to write that down and stick it where I can see it.

A prisoner of hope,

Kay said...

13 important things.

Anonymous said...

do i get points for knowing what the majority of these mean, o Cryptic One?

btw, i'm away on monday if you're starting your class.

putty in your hands,

Trish said...

It sounds like your time there was wonderful, again! Point #6, wow, thank you for letting God use you to post that, I needed to hear it. :) Love you!