Sunday, May 04, 2008

so B can have a sleepover when he owns his own house

A was at a sleepover last night.

The mother of the house called me at 9 am to find out how much time Amy needed to get ready for church, and we fell to talking about sleepovers. She said when her son had sleepovers, she just left the house. And then she said,

"the one time I did stay home, I finally went downstairs when it got so loud I thought the neighbours could hear the shouting, and they had duct taped one of the boys to a chair."

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Trish said...

For real? *snort* Oh my goodness!!! Fortunately we've never had that problem when D & B have had friends over. Of course, the most we've ever had was 3 extra boys, which is a total of 5 boys. Nothing like when A had her b-day sleepover & we had 15 girls, wow, I can't imagine that many boys!