Wednesday, May 28, 2008


1. Krista, you won the book! E-mail me your address, or I'll get one of those other people from your undisclosed city to bug you for it.

2. Jack is the prettiest baby on the planet, and perhaps some other undiscovered planets.

3. My front flower bed is weeded. There is a huge orange garbage bag of weeds in a landfill somewhere (although hello what is that about? They're dead plants. Can't I just fling 'em into the river just behind the greenspace behind my house? I was going to, but there's probably a law against it somewhere, and some uptight housebound sociopath with a telescope would report me. Not that I'm cynical. Or stereotyping.) Where was I? oh yes, the flower bed, it is weeded, and the old body I cart this soul around in is very very sore. I wince when I stand up, and I wince when I sit down, and I wince when I move. But the flower bed looks fresh and clean and full of potential, and I only lost a few perennials. (I think. I tend to forget what I had where over the winter, so everything that comes up is a delight. And then I'll be out buying a lamb's ear for that perfect spot for a lamb's ear and remember - wait. I had one there last year. Where'd it go?)

4. I was reading "Tips For Fiction Writers" over at and I read that as a matter of formatting preference, you should no longer put two spaces between sentences. I am an old dog. This is a new trick. I will let you know how it goes. (So far, it goes like this: instead of typing "period space space", I now type "period space space backspace" and then roll my eyes.

5. Have I mentionned the conference at Glen Eyrie? (there should be a link, but I am lazy.) The first time I went there was a woman carting around a gigantic water bottle that I envied with my whole heart (don't ask me why. Envy is a terrible thing. I am not sanctionning envy.) who was waiting to hear from a publisher who had her entire manuscript for a book she actually wrote. Herself. And finished. I was in awe of that as well. And guess what? You can now purchase this book for your very own. It's called Searching for Spice and it's about a married Christian woman who wants to have an affair - with her husband. It's a fetching premise and a well-written read and Linda, the protagonist (that's how writers talk. We say 'protagonist' instead of 'main character', primarily because we (and by "we" I mean "I") are in love with syllables. And personally I like the lovely long "o" sound in it. There are no long vowels in "character".) has an interesting job.

6. I think the above paragraph should get me arrested for bracketeering (you know, brackets embedded in brackets).

7. My cell phone just rang, forcing me to hobble through the house in search of it. I missed the call, AND I don't recognize the number, but I want to call it back and ask them to please not make me stand up like that again.

8. There are baby robins in the nest under constant perusal by our webcam. Both parents are feeding them. The parents are also either eating the baby poop or pretending to swallow it and then regurgitating it in a different location. Also the mother feeds them and then sits on them. While this is fascinating, I think I'm glad I'm not a baby robin OR a mama or papa robin.

9. Thing #1 I learned weeding the garden yesterday: Perhaps it's best to rename the liatris "bunny food". That way, when you find it all neatly snipped off you will be happy for the baby bunnies who are reaping from your bounty, instead of glaring under bushes trying to find the culprit.

10. Thing #2 I learned weeding the garden yesterday: If you have a nest of robins on your back deck, there is no way to convince the ever-vigilant papa that all you want to do is feed the mama a worm, and he should stop piping at you and let her come back and eat it.

11. Thing #3 I learned while blah blah blah: The phrase "dog-like devotion" is an apt one. (space space backspace eyeroll) The dog stayed out there with me for hours, content to lie at my feet. When I moved, she moved, and plopped herself down close to me. She was content to be in my presence. (space space backspace deep sigh) Why can't I be like that with God?

12. Baby robins are very very unattractive. Their necks are like wet noodles, and they have freakishly large eyes.

13. I am considering dressing up as a baby robin for Hallowe'en next year. (I have the eyes for it!)

Okay that's 13. Pretend it's Thursday!


Krista said...

Yay! I won! I won! I'm uber thrilled as I seldom ever win anything! Email me at and I'll send you my address. Thanks SO MUCH!

And yes, you nephew is the cutest thing going!

Flicka said...

Bracketeering!! I love it! I picture you skulking around dark alleys at night, asking unwary teenagers "Hey, kid! Wanna bracket? So what, your parents told you not to get into brackets. Come on. They look nice don't they? I even have those ones that look like a recurve bow. Thaaat's right..." And then you go back to Jimmy the Mick and tell him about that evening's haul.

We don't put two spaces anymore? Honestly, who is looking? Is someone out there measuring what I type? Take that for spacing!!!

Megan DiMaria said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for the kind words about Searching for Spice. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Most of the time, I loved writing it. The other time was spent worrying about it being a colossal waste of time, containing poor grammar, dull prose, stupid analogies, and trite plot lines.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I pressed on and finished it (a nearly two-year process). I prayed and sweated and traveled to a writers conference where in a moment of serendipity, I found myself eating lunch with an acquisition editor from Tyndale House. She actually liked my premise, and the rest of the story, as they say, is history.

Oh, BTW--that writer's conference is the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference where this year one of your favorite authors, Angela Hunt, will be the keynote speaker. Why don't you come? It's going to be in Minneapolis. And also, there are several Canadian members of ACFW. Hmm? Think about it.


As for my water bottle envy. Wow. I love my water! I'm probably one of the most well-hydrated women on the planet.

It was a pleasure to meet you at Glen Eyrie, I hope someday to read your novel when it's published.

A prisoner of hope,

pamero said...

Just reading that list made my day better-although I am now cleaning my keyboard where I snorted water onto it while laughing. What a nice thursday so far...

QOTW said...

Very funny blog. I'm sitting here smiling like a goofy person. Thanks.