Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What she said

From this woman's blog:

Art is the secret handshake of the children of God, the inside joke among those with souls. The spark that is ignited within us when we are touched by a work of art is a spark of recognition: the artist has brought us a souvenir from our homeland beyond the material world, the place that none of us should know about, but all of us do. To connect with a piece of art is to connect with the artist as a fellow traveler, to realize that you are both walking the same rocky road, and that he is homesick too. And it matters because true art, art that seeks a connection of souls, makes it harder to devalue and dehumanize one another. It reminds us what it means to be human.

Couldn't hurt to go read the whole post now, could it?


Jennifer F. said...

Thank you for the link and the comment on my site.

I love this line from your profile: My life belongs to God, and some days I even show that in how I live. That's a perfect summary of my life as well. :)

aselah said...

Hey Susan! Checking in at Et tu to see if my comment was print-worthy and saw yours along with the name of your blog. Curious, I've stopped by to say hello. I too am a writer of poetry, but not on accident :) I am excited to see God's kids using their voices in so many creative ways!!

Kay said...

I read her post. I thought it very thought provoking. It had never occurred to me to ever try to define art. I just simply enjoy it. I like it or I don't. I feel it or I don't. I don't analyze it. So it was an interesting perspective for me.

In the piece you quoted, I thought about the Nazis and their accumulation of art. hmmmmm....