Saturday, April 19, 2008

In which I am cranky

Okay for those of you who are all starry-eyed about 25 freaking centimeters of snow (you know who you are!) and those of you wishing for a spring storm (yes, you!) - we had the spring storm and the 25 centimeters LAST week Thursday. And then it was all gone by Saturday and Sunday it was +20C and all was rosy.

It started snowing yesterday morning. It is still snowing. There are apparently no plans for the snow to stop before TUESDAY.

At least I don't have to decide whether or not I should take time to clean out my flower beds before going to Glen Eyrie. Where it will probably snow, and then the Instructor-Who-Shall-Remain-NamelessbutlivesinFlorida who was so appalled by the snow at Glen Eyrie at the end of February will ask to schedule next year's conference in August.

It's not that I hate snow. It's just ...April. Let's have a dusting of spring snow here and there, get the powder nice and deep in the mountains for the fanatics - but must we have Narnia?

I'm just going to stop now because there is no good way to end this.


Megan DiMaria said...

I feel your pain, but let me assure you that accuweathr predicts sunny, warm weather for when you are at Glen Eyrie (provided you can leave snowy Canada).

Last Thursday when I held my launch party I got up, looked out the window and nearly freaked when I saw SNOW! Fortunately, the skies cleared, the sun came out, and it was beautiful.

A prisoner of hope,

darien said...

hmmm. My crocuses are trust me, (and you know this) it IS spring :-)

love to you

The Koala Bear Writer said...

My brother is moving this weekend... in all this snow. Not great. But hey, it's springtime in Alberta, eh? :)

Kay said...

I am going to keep hoping. But also, I will hope very strongly with my eyes tight shut that we don't get the storm I want while you are here.
Although. I would laugh.
And that one particular author - well, it would be funny.

But still. I'm hoping hard that the snow comes after you guys have all arrived home.

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