Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How's that again?

I think you have to live in Canada to fully appreciate this story.  You need to know that up north of the 49th parallel, everything is labelled in both of our official languages, English and French.


A was trying to convince me to buy her a cute pair of socks yesterday.


Me:  No.


A: But they’re now maintenant!!


Me: (knowing full well she did not know):  And maintenant would be?


A, grinning:  Something GOOD!


Me:  French for the word “now”.


I don’t know which one of us laughed harder.


darien said...

okay, that actually made me laugh out loud. Cause MAN I'm a little tired of French! But, that's just cause my new test date is April 23 so I'm stressing.

The story just reminds me of why it might be good to know :-)

LC said...

I wonder if some day we will also have Chinese words on everything (can you imagine it? They will have to make the containers much bigger and that will justify raising the prices) and then we will really not know what the labels say... and if we do figure them out, will we laugh?

Still laughing...