Friday, April 18, 2008

A different sort of moment

It is snowing. And snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing. Also? Snowing.

Now, sometimes, we will say "It is SNOWING!" and mean "There are a few scattered white bits in the air, and a certain nip to the breeze." When we complain about that kind of snow, it's because it is often an unwelcome portent of Things To Come.

This is not that kind of snow.

This is copious quantities of large fluffy flakes, obscuring the buildings across the street.

And yes, it is April here, just as it is wherever you with the sun shining upon live.

I am less than amused.


Jen said...

I am a little jealous.

Michele said...

I am just hoping it doesn't make it out our way.

Kay said...

I so much have been wanting one of those "spring dumps"! We have had snow three times this month, but not THAT kind. We have had the windy, blowy, cold, blowy, kind that only adds up to about a half inch after a whole day of windy, blowy, snow.

I love the deep spring snow - just once. Quick before the leaves are out so there's no damage. I keep putting in my request, but all those prayers against snow must be over-riding mine!

Kassi said...

So I shouldn't mention it's 28 degrees, sunny and we're planning on going fishing this weekend ? Or that it's midway through autumn (fall to you northern people) ? Or that the MOTH is still wearing shorts to work ?

Didn't think so.