Thursday, March 20, 2008

On working on a novel when there is an 8 year old in the house who has been asked to respect your "office time"

Flaw in Mom’s Office Time Plan


Flaw #1 – nothing makes you want something like being told you can’t have it


Flaw #2 – my “office” looks exactly like that table in my bedroom where I sit and read other people’s blogs and play games


Flaw #3  - I forgot to lock the door to my “office”.


Those are just the ones that occur to me at the moment.


Flaw in the Hey!  Why Don’t I Write A Novel!  Plan


Flaw #1 –  My head just exploded.


Must be time for lunch.


Jen said...

You crack me up. Hope your head can be put back together.

Nikki said...

Just wanted to make sure you got my email and see if you are still interested in having your blogs designed!