Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Lose your favourite lines"

“Serth shook his head, tears scattering like jewels in the dappled forest light.”


There.  RIP, line.

Oh why not? Here's one from so long ago, a different woman wrote it.

"The night calls me to come wander through its shrouded silence."

RIP, shrouded night.


Anonymous said...

Can't you save them for another book? If not, I'm glad you wrote them here. They're too beautiful to have been tossed without reading.


Anonymous said...

errr... have to say I think it's best you buried those jewel-like tears. Anything to do with tears is apt to land in the purple zone...
Be brave!

Kassi said...

I suspect I know where the shrouded silence was taking place :P