Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I remember those days

One of the women who comes to my house for Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings has a 2 year old who is simultaneously fascinated by, and terrified of, my 15 lbs of dog.  She'll run away from the dog, and then call her.  Her word for dog is "goag", and it is so cute, I can hardly stand it.
A few weeks ago, they were leaving and R said "Bye bye goag!" and I said "Can't forget to say good-bye to the goag!" and her mother gave me a gently reprimanding sort of look and said, "Yes, R, say good bye to the DOG."
I snickered.  I remember that, on the list of Appropriate Adult Behaviours:  "Model appropriate patterns of speech."
From my vantage point, however, it's more like "When did she stop saying "ohpotus" for "octopus"?"  "When did he stop calling it Dix Dwags?  and A three W?"  (Six Flags, and A&W, for those of you squinting at the screen)
This morning, however, I was pleased to hear that we're not past the speech cuteness quite yet.
"Go play your song, both hands, 4 times through" I asked a child.
"Yesterday I only had to do it three times, and the day before that, it was two times!  Why are you higher-ing it every time??"
The question is:  did I Model Appropriate Patterns of Speech?
Old habits die hard.


ccap said...

Oh dear. So, we should be correcting her on zimmer (living room) and scarf (apron) instead of saying it the same way? I really outta buy me one of those "Ways to Raise a Child" books.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Don't they learn it soon enough? Let them be children - it's so cute! :) Thanks for sharing the fun.

Anonymous said...

I say to shove this one under the "Principles of Grace" category and let it be.


Kay said...

My son made g sound for d's too. Gog could either be dog or God. We had to pay close attention to context.