Saturday, March 01, 2008


Someone who is getting dressed for school:  Mom?  I have no clean underwear.


Mother of person getting dressed for school, aka Me:  Are your dirty ones in the hamper?


X:  Yep.


Me:  Well you’ll have to wing it for today but if the hamper is full, Dad will wash clothes today (side note:  he works from home) and you’ll be set.


I get home, there is a mile high pile of clean laundry on the couch.  (Thanks TechnoBoy!!)  I fold all the clothes.  There is not one article of clothing belonging to the child in need of specific items of clothing.


Me: ??  I don’t see any of your underwear in this huge pile.  In fact, I didn’t fold anything of yours.


X:  But I put them in the hamper!  Dad must not be done.


Me:  The hamper in my room?


X:  Yes!  The brown one.  I always do.


There is searching of hampers and my walkin closet floor, which used to Hamper OverFlow but is now clear, thanks to The System.  X finally disappears into his/her bedroom.


X:  Heh.  Oops.


Me:  So I guess you’ll be doing a load of laundry?


This is the same child who has spent the last two weeks sporadically searching for something that was not cheap, and was definitely lost.  Finally yesterday, I revoked computer privileges until it was found, and suggested that perhaps they give me their plan for giving me several hundred dollars to replace it.


“But I have looked EVERYWHERE it could be!!”


So I asked them, as a favour to me, to please look everywhere they were quite sure it wasn’t.


Found in ten minutes.


Kay said...

something in me guesses that perhaps this child is male

Jen said...

I have to confess that I might have been that child every once in awhile...

Anonymous said...

"So I asked them, as a favour to me, to please look everywhere they were quite sure it wasn’t."



Rachel said...

Well done! You are so not alone!

The Koala Bear Writer said...

I love how you find the humour in it. :)

Kassi said...

In our household we call that "having a boy's look" ... although bizarrely, the girl is better at having a boy's look than the boy is ...