Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perhaps an apology is in order

So TechnoGuy dislikes large bunches of keys. He has two key rings, one for each vehicle we have, and a System. He hangs the keys for the van in the wee key cupboard by the front door, and if he should need the van, he hangs the car keys in the cupboard and takes the van keys. This system works very well for him.

It works well with my system, too, which is Try to keep track of my own keys, but if you're really desperate, use his. Which are always hanging in the cupboard. Only, make sure you put them back before you get caught.

Last week his keys went missing.

I had not lost my keys recently, so my conscience was clear.

"I haven't used the van", he said.

"I didn't take your keys", I asserted.

So we were at an impasse, but the man didn't have a great memory when he was twenty. And that was more than just one decade ago.

Over the past week, I've often wondered how he managed to lose his keys when he hadn't been driving the van. Eventually I decided one of the kids must have used them to start the van.

Until last night, when I put on my long winter coat, which I rarely wear, to walk the dog.

Would you believe one of the children took his keys out of the key cupboard for the sole purpose of hiding them in my coat pocket?

You'd be the only one.


Flicka said...

Wow, your dog is CLEVER!

(Hey, I tried.)

Jen said...

Eh, I'd blame it on the kids...or I wouldn't even mention it again. Just hang them back up and act surprised when he finds them later. Or, you could slip them into his coat pocket...

Slow'n'Steady said...

those pesky occasional coats. get me every time too. and i always lose my keys.

and sometimes my coat.

almost systematically.