Saturday, February 02, 2008

Okay this is just wild

"Any sufficiently developed technology looks like magic." (a famous person)

So here I am on the bus from Calgary to Edmonton, going up to spend a few hours with a dear friend, and I have free internet access AND there is a laptop plug in at every seat. So I'm blogging and MSN'ing with my daughter and travelling.

Yes, Angie, I'm also working on the book. Sort of stuck. Need an answer. That's where the five of you that read this come in -

How many little girls, exactly, is Lorana looking after? just how many children did Eral's sister have?

Also do we care where Eral is? I know I don't.

As you were.


Flicka said...

That *is* cool.

Three girls; all with dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. You can tell they're sisters. They're all sweet but the youngest is clever, the middle is brave and the oldest has endurance and fortitude.

Eral is drunk in a tavern somewhere, barely conscious enough to regret his (her?) life and too sunk in self-pity to change.

I love it when you ask these questions. I have no idea if my answers help or not but it sure is fun imagining the story behind it all!

Angela said...

Just FYI, I have heard the following from various editors in my life:

1. Why are you naming these peripheral characters? You're only confusing me.

2. Don't you already have a "B" name? I think you shouldn't use the same beginning letter twice.

Before you freak out--editors are not God. But they are editors. :-)