Friday, February 08, 2008

Early morning conversation

Me, to Child X:   Are  you wearing a clean shirt?
X:  Probably.
Me:  Let me see it.
X:  NO!
Me:  Why on earth not?
X:  You won't think it's clean.
X eventually lets me see the shirt.
Me:  Go take that off.  You've been wearing it for two weeks straight!
X:  (looks down)  I don't see any dirt.
X:  Not to me.
Me:  Take.  The.  Shirt.  Off.
X:  I don't have any other long sleeved shirts.
Me:  What about this one? or this one? or this one?
X:  Too small, too ugly, I don't like that one today.
Me:  Right.  This one then.  Go put it on.
X: But -
Me:  NOW.
X calls from the bathroom:  Can I wear a T-shirt over this shirt?
Me: Yes.
X.   Okay I'm ready.
Me:  Where is the clean shirt I gave you?
X:  You said I could just put a T-shirt over this one.
Me:  You have been wearing that shirt for two weeks!!  You can't hide the smell with a T-shirt!
Lather, rinse, repeat.


Kassi said...
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Kassi said...

And people without children wonder why it's necessary to get up two hours before you leave the house when all you have to do is dress them and feed them breakfast !!! I'm sooo looking forward to next year when K starts wearing a uniform ...