Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Mr. George"

That's what my children called him. He was a lovely, gentle man, one of those who meant it when he said "I will pray for you." He and his wife married later in life, too old for children, but they took an interest in their friend's kids - we would often see him at a soccer game or a hockey games that one of the kids was in. If there was more than one child from our church on a team - he'd be sure to show up at least once in their season, and often his lovely wife would be with him.

Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with something I can't name - a cancer of the blood, I think. And in the long difficult years that have followed - I have never seen George or his wife complain. I have never seen a hint of bitterness at the life they have been called to. I don't think anybody ever has.

The end, when it came, was mercifully swift and yet still drawn out. In early November, it became clear that the options were running out - all the drugs had been tried save one, and George's beseiged body could not handle that one.

I think that's where trusting God makes a difference to my life personally - from a worldly perspective, all this was and is not fair. His wife - they married in their 40's, and had only 14 years together. George himself - a strong believer, a gentle man, a prayer warrior - how can these few short years be the number of days he was allotted?

And yet. I have no doubt that this, this, was God's good, pleasing and perfect will for this couple.

Pray for his wife, those of you who pray. There are some dark days ahead, which she will meet head on. She doesn't shy away from anything, and she will wrestle this grief to the ground until it blesses her.


darien said...

as always, my friend...that was a beautiful tribute. I love you

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Sounds like a neighbour we had... the world needs more of them.