Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Twelve

1. Does Kharfel let Brynn do the carving?

2. If 1 = yes, is it good enough?

3. If 1 = yes, and 2 = no, why not?

4. If 1 = no, really? Crap. What happens next?

5. If 1 = yes and 2 = no, and there is an answer to 3, what happens next?

6. If 2 = no, is it because the quality of the work is lacking, or because Brynn has an imperfect grasp on the complex emotions this particular carving requires?

7. Does goat milk taste different from cow's milk? The Internet is of two minds on this. Goat milk yogurt has been known to make my taste buds stand up and dance for joy.

8. Should I take the Internet's word for it, or should I get up from my chair RIGHT NOW and go buy some goat milk?

9. Why is there so much screaming in my basement?

10. Why is A so bent on joining the wrestling team?

11. Do I have to let small boys tease each other until there is so much shrieking my ears fall off?

12. Why do I have no BBQ sauce?

Bonus question: why do all the names in my novel start with either K or B?


Vacant Uterus said...

1) Yes.
2) Almost.
3) She's still got things to learn.
4) I don't know, which is why yes is such a good option.
5) She learns more from Kharfel.
6) Both.
7) That would depend on the person; namely, you.
8) Yes! What are you waiting for?
9) Because you've got kids down there.
10) Well I really don't have an answer for this one, even a smart-butt one!
11) No. Give them snacks. that'll show them.
12) Because when you didn't go to the store for goat's milk, you also didn't get barbecue sauce.
13) Name starting with B and K are harmonious.

What, these were rhetorical?!


Anonymous said...

Maybe A wants to wrestle for the sheer joy of physical contest. Or for the relative newness of girls being accepted as wrestlers. I had the chance to join a wrestling team in my teens (I have a reach like an orang utan) and chose not to because I secretly wished I were frail and artsy and interesting. The Frail/Artsy/Interesting thing didn't work out and to this day I wonder wether I would have been able to pin anyone :)

Kay said...

Goat's mild does indeed taste different. It's stronger; more goaty.

Your imaginary land has a very short alphabet and the other eight letters are taboo for starting names.

Sorry, those are the only two questions I have any knowledge about.

darien said...

1. nope
2. see question 1
3. see question 1
4. I don't know what happens next. But I thought it would be fun to drive you a wee bit madder than you drive yourself.
5. see question 1
6. see question 1. (wow, how little I have to do by saying nope to that first question!)
7. Yes
8. Of course you should!
9. Well, to quote one of your kids, they 'have more room than (they) ever imagined!
10. Cause you told her she could be anything, and she believed you!
11. well....seeing you with no ears could be interesting....but no, you don't have to
12. Do you have ketchup and brown sugar and onions? Then you have barbeque sauce!
13. They don't. The person who REALLY does the carving in question 1 isn't Brynn or Kharfel...it's someone else who's name starts with d(arien)

as an aside...if your verification code was a scrabble word (and maybe in French, it is...) it would have been worth 4 points without doubles or triples or bingos! Whew, dodged a bullet, didn't I?