Thursday, November 22, 2007

“that’s when the truck hit him”

(George and Gracie)

(funnier when George said it)

I'm just here to say ...

I hate mornings.

Mostly I hate mornings that I have to go to work. Mornings when I don't have to work have taken on an almost Utopian shine, in my head.

Also I think there is a chance that a person is MUCH too busy if your first thought, before you even open your eyes, is "@#$@#$#@. It's morning. Already."


Kay said...

I don't even have to be busy to think that. I'm just not realy fond of mornings. But if we didn't have them...
Today is the day to be thankful... even for mornings.
And to call our moms.

ccap said...

Because he had his pants on backwards?