Saturday, November 24, 2007

In which B and the dog take turns having the last word.

So B and I are out and about, having supper at Treasures of China (which is B's favourite restaurant because of the great food, by which he means the curly fries. He eats curly fries, and then some more curly fries, then a bit of fried rice.) and then going shopping for a birthday gift for his friend. We're trying to find the Toys'R'Us, and because I am not a boy, B is fairly certain I will get lost in the 12 blocks between the restaurant and the toy store. So he's ragging on me, and I'm ragging back and at one point he says:

B: What is your problem?

Me: Pickles.

B, considerably derailed: Huh?

Me: Right where my brain should be? Pickle juice.

B: You. are. the. weirdest. lady. on. earth.

Oh, and why am I posting at 1:00 am? Because the 12 lb watchdog looked out B's window ten minutes ago and saw something she didn't like, and started barking her brains out. Every time I told her to "Shh!!" she barked at me, to let me know that there was STILL SOMETHING SINISTER OUT THERE and I should just let her go rip it to shreds already. She's now in there doing that thing she does in the back of her throat that isn't barking because she'll get in trouble for that, but sounds exactly like one of the children muttering under their breath "You are being unreasonable."

And so I am.

Good night.


Kassi said...

Last time our micro-dog barked crazily in the middle of the night it was accompanied by crashing noises from downstairs ... a panicked call to the Police, three very large policemen, the dog squad and a large glass of wine later it transpired it was probably a possum ...

I dread to think what would have happened if the dog hadn't been there to protect me ;P

Angela said...

My macro-dogs bark and foam and snarl at anyone walking by . . . yet one of them cowers if said intruder even approaches the house. (The other makes up for it, having broken the front door thrice.)

Their job, they tell me, is to guard the house and they're happy to do it. It's ALL they do . . . that, and keep me company.

So I let them do it. :-)